September 30, 2014

Putin Outlaws Jewish Holocaust Denial
Article: President Putin signs law criminalizing nazi revisionist tactics
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Anonymous said...

I actually thought about donating to Morris the first time after hearing this. He hit the nail on the head.

Like I said before, I'll say it again, if anyone believes Russia will ever admit their error in WWI and WWII, especially right now, that person is prone to fantasy.

How many Russian's died at the hands of a German in WWI and WWII?

"We hate Nazi not because they are Germans, but because they brought enormous suffering to our land". Same can be said about the Jews." - Joseph Stalin

Anonymous said...

Hah. The war was their own fault. If they could not face the truth they are a bunch of hysteric women.

Putin ia a jew and Russia is as jewish as the Soviet union or more. This can be seen by anyone.

Morris is a traitor. We all know already he is a jew.

Anonymous said...

he censors people who criticizes Putin. Putin makes holohoax laws, and Morris claims absurdly that he is looking out for Russia's interests in protecting their history.Soon Putin will make it illegal to blame the Jews for bolshevism and the haldamor

Anonymous said...

@Ruupertti: "This can be seen by anyone?" Really, do explain. I find it hard to believe, especially when a Muslim woman is the head of the Russian Central bank, and the Russian central bank actually has $540 billion in reserves!? Do you actually know what you are talking about?

@Christian Branquhino: Ummm, Putin already held a speech blaming the first Soviet on the Jews and their "false ideological considerations", to their face.

Just because Putin's world view doesn't align with your does not mean he is working for the Jews.