May 04, 2021

Mr Cheswick's Coronavirus parody version of Creep by Radiohead - YT Title: Sheep (C*r*n*v*r*s Song)


Steve said...

Talkin' Turkey with Tom - Dr Tom Cowan shares some of his experiences as a doctor.

Archie Titus said...

Fancy...all wearing masks outdoors.
I think that silly little phase is a little worn out these days.
It truly is a ridiculous sight to behold.

If the madness persists, we should get into the habit of saying, good to see you're not vaccinated, is that why you're wearing a mask?

Good song, I didn't know it was Radiohead.

Zeebra said...

where's Brizer's archive? I know the show happened coz I listened to part of it live yest; was curious to catch the archive later... but poof AAAAAnd it's GONE (/Simpsons), like it didn't happen?!