July 28, 2019

Drop everything you're doing and watch this....LOL


Og said...

what do you expect from fakenews cnn

coincidenceskeptic said...

If there is one thing an actor can do to put me off, its when they do not know how to cry but, try they will, anyway.

Voltman said...

"Trump insulted thousands of people" says a CNN fake newscaster who insults the intelligence of millions of people all over the world every day of his miserable fake career in fake news.

The only question should be: is he telling the truth? Yes or no?

This professional CNN liar is insulted because Trump said things that weren't nice about his childhood neighborhood. And he's all offended...

I would say that this neighborhood of his must have been infested with something pretty bad, because it produced a lying Shitsteam Media pussy who cares not one iota for the truth.

He thinks he's a somebody because he has a (probably) high-paying job at CNN. That alone is enough to qualify him as a certified piece of crap. I don't care what his skin color is or anything else about this faker! He works for CNN: he's an enemy! Period! Everybody in the world should be insulting the shit out of him and all the other sacks of rotten garbage in Shitsteam Media, not just Trump.

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