November 09, 2014

ADL scum bag questions Jim Rizoli in debate, 2011
ADL scum bag tries to divert town debate to Holocaust issue.
Typical move by these purveyors of HATE.


Anonymous said...

Video has been marked private.

Anonymous said...

The link below the player works.

Unfortunately that tactic is very effective for the average public. It's increasingly difficult these days to get people to independently investigate claims once you've been tarred with a particular label, as people figure it's easier to just disassociate themselves with you rather than do the research or take the chance of being associated with someone who has been smeared.

I think the best response in this case is to always go on the offensive and point out that the other side wants to deflect away from the local issues that residents are most concerned about, and to immediately hit back with all the ways that the questioner or other candidates are detrimental to the interests of the community.