June 03, 2022

Politics and policy driving the Ukraine project with Jacob Dreizin, The Duran & Alexander The Great


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"Without the living memory of heroes and great men as examples in all spheres - from the martial to the spiritual to the philosophical, and all in between - we risk normalizing and falling into mediocrity, laziness, and cowardice.. becoming a tired, dreary, unexceptional people, living for superficial pleasures, and thus doomed to be ruled by shopkeeps and merchants, and the self-serving administrators and politicians they inevitably come to so control. We risk manifesting a horizon free from lofty mountains, their peaks in rarefied air reaching up to the heavens, and instead experiencing a landscape of nothing but undifferentiated flatness. Dull, uninteresting, devoid of motivating or inspirational power.. and in a very real sense, dead. Alexander was a mountain peak.. an example that nothing is impossible, to him who can simply come to *know* that nothing is impossible." 
- Asha Logos

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