June 22, 2015

Robert Reyvolt's Incendiary Radio 6/21/2015

Robert Reyvolt and Kyle Hunt discuss The Charleston Church Shooting.





air-ono said...

nice one :)
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air-ono said...

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1776blues said...

Whooli, not sure if this will be a regular weekly posting but thanks just the same. I asked Zap a few weeks ago if he'd post Robert's shows but he wasn't interested.

The Realist Report said...

Great show guys, glad to hear you all openly questioning the official narrative of the alleged Charleston shooting when all the other pro-White personalities, sites and organizations uncritically accept it. I simply don't understand why anyone would ever blindly accept what the Jews' media says about any major event, especially purported mass shootings. There has been no legitimate evidence presented that demonstrates this shooting even took place. The media just reports it, parades some ridiculous and unconvincing "victim's family members" in front of the camera, and we're all just supposed to believe it. It's just ridiculous, and insulting.

Have a look at what the SPLC is pushing via the New York Times:


"White Supremacists without borders" - that's right, the next phase in the Jewish concocted and engineered "Global War on Terrorism" will be against "White racists" who are using the Internet to organized globally, which is leading to "lone wolf terrorists" committing violence and murder. We knew this was coming.

Negentropic said...

What I want to know is who was responsible for the recent color change at DIF from the long-time green and white colors to Black, Red & White, in other words the same colors as the National Socialist swastika flag?



Who decided to change the colors to red, black & white? And did they really think we didn't notice this crude and unsubtle subconscious manipulation?

Was it Icke himself or his webmaster? If it was Icke himself, what's his reason for using THESE colors and not any others? If it was the webmaster, then he needs to explain himself, or else THIS color change alone suggests that he's an ADL plant trying to subconsciously associate ALL of DIF with them "evil Notsees" in the eyes of the mainstream public.

Negentropic said...

205 page thread examining and proving from every possible angle that the Breivik/Norway/Shootings were ENTIRELY FAKED, just like Sandy Hook :


Since it's a very long and exhaustive thread, I suggest starting off by reading all the Simon Shack posts first, then move on to the others. Once you read all the Shack posts, you will pretty much know all the essentials of how it was done and the rest will be filling in smaller pieces of the puzzle. Shack is Norwegian and Swedish, so he made it his mission to research this particular PsyOp in more depth than anyone else on the internet.

Negentropic said...

The Kenneth Feinberg Roll Call - Robert Reyvolt & Kyle Hunt




Anonymous said...

Great analysis, and glad to hear Kyle speak out publicly about these issues.

All we can do now is speculate, and the speculation presented about the character Dylann Storm Roof, makes sense to me.

With the name being an unusual spelling of Dylann so that his name would show up in a search engine, and the use of Storm so that it would come up with references to Stormfront, the Solar Storm and Hellstorm in reference to their smear terms, like white supremacist.

And I agree that it probably was someone from the SPLC behind it, and the SPLC is openly known to be working with the government, despite them being an extremist organization.

Robert had a great point in challenging Don Black, of asking him if he believes in the Holocaust narrative, and it was revealing how Black snapped at him, because he knew the same logic applies to questioning these incidents, so he had to justified his deliberate silence on questioning them.

Strategy is good, but if you just have an internet radio show and website, there's no reason for holding back in questioning things, unless you care more about extra money beyond what you need to live a good life. You can't make a lot of money off of telling the truth, and if you are intentionally keeping silent on things for a reason other than long-term strategy or making a basic living, I find it indefensible.