February 11, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.02.11

Brizer's guests: E. Michael Jones and John Waters

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Zeebra said...

terrific show; will need a 2nd listen. :-)

Noticed early in, John Waters made quick ref to Ireland's "famine in the 1840s." Turns out that was a British mass food theft at gunpoint, with "potato famine" being a historical whitewash.


^ that was definitely the site, still top-listed at duckduckgo, but I'm getting a blank page atm. Checked archive.is; they indicate an Oct '17 backup:

but that supposed archive is loading a blank page too?! MemoryHoled?

Site owner/activist Christopher Fogerty has done many alt-media interviews,

Ross said...

Very interesting conversation both hours. John made a great point about Springsteen - his early great work was a paean to the blue collar working man - "For my nineteenth birthday got a union card and a wedding coat". Well the hero of that song is now 59, hasn't got a job because it was shipped off to China and so he voted Trump. And Springsteen has told him to fuck off.

Brizer said...

@Zeebra and Ross. Thanks guys. Your feedback is much appreciated.

@Zeebra. Here is the link below to the show we did with Chris Fogarty last year.
John is aware that it was not a famine but a genocide but that word "famine" has been implanted in our heads for so long that we tend to just say it as a matter of course. I'm guilty of using that word too but I now make a big effort to make sure that I use the term genocide or Irish holocaust and not a famine but a genuine holocaust where 6 million Irish souls perished (according to Chris's research). Hmm...makes you wonder where the jews with their fake holocaust story and 6 million number came from eh?? I should have pulled John up on it at the time but anyway no harm done. Glad you guys enjoyed the show.

Zeebra said...

IIRC Fogerty said in at least one past interview, he uses "Holocaust" as it was first used in some book (early 1900s, IIRC) on "The Great Hunger"; coz neighbors would discover a house/family inside all dead from starvation, & they'd burn the house, corpses & all. That book's author used "holocaust" coz they really had no word for it, but holocaust appeared in the Bible.

Zeebra said...

Rowan Croft has done several YT vids re
Gemma O’Doherty SILENCED. Outside Google HQ Dublin.