Wednesday, July 18, 2012

David Duke Show 2012.07.18

Today: Dr. Duke reveals an amazing article from the Nation magazine showing the Zionist control and bribery of the American political process. Sheldon Adelson is the biggest contributor in U.S. Politics today. And who is he? He is a gangster criminal, gambling magnate who has loyalty to Israel over the United States of America. An absolutely amazing story and the details will shock even people with great familiarity to the Zionist political and media power in America. The Jewish writer of the article inadvertently shows how the media covers up the Israel first control of American foreign policy and reveals the absolutely treasonous political face of Newt Gingrich. Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Thring delve into the Jewish extremist from Terrorist, nuclear Israel who landed a top "counter terrorist" job in the UN. The Chutzpah!

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