Friday, July 27, 2012

Mike Rivero - What Really Happened 2012.07.27

Olympics False Flag Ready? 1,200 More Troops, Enough to Continue Games in “Just About Any Scenario” New Olympic Event:

American Presidential Candidates Compete to Kiss Israel's Ass The Constitution of the United States:

Onslaught looms as Assad forces pound Aleppo rebels Saudi Arabia seeks new UN resolution on Syria RAMADAN PRAYERS FORBIDDEN IN ISRAEL Pakistan Cuts NATO Supply Lines.......Again Ron Paul ~ H.R. 459 "Audit The FED":

This Vote SaysThe People Want Transparency Of The FED Harry Reid vows Federal Transparency Act will never be voted on in the Senate Architect of too-big-to-fail banks says it was a ‘mistake’ Numerous Top Bankers Call for Break Up of Giant Banks State-backed Lloyds to be quizzed over rate-rigging as bank is dragged deeper into scandal Report:

Zynga Insiders Dumped Lots of Stock Before It Tanked Facebook results:

'the social media bubble bursts' 'It's you!' 'Blackhole' virus spreading rapidly via Twitter fools users with fake photo link Ford initiates worldwide recall of 500,000 of its Escape SUVs after fault means accelerator can jam Paycheck-to-paycheck:

US households barely getting by Obama Pledges US Food Stamp Moneys to Israel How Barack Obama upstaged Mitt Romney on his visit to Israel White House refuses to name Israel's capital Twice In Press Briefing.. Report:

Casino Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Headed to Israel to Hook-Up with Romney The US and Israel Following Globalist Script for the Post-Assad Syria British pilots flew armed US drones in Libya, MoD reveals Jewish Journalist:

Anti-Israel Ads in NY are Also Anti-Semitic Obama’s Executive Order Opens Southern Border to Insurgency MEXICO IS HAVING THE LARGEST PROTEST THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN MEDIA BLACKED IT OUT Bring home silver from sunken ship, CPI tells PM Is Mordechai Orian Supplying Obama's Mark Rich Moment?

NASA warns 97 percent of Greenland ice sheet surface melted in four days Thirty Seconds To Becoming More Knowledgable Than A NASA Expert Dramatic volcano eruption caught on camera in Japan NBC News:

“The state of the reactors is still deteriorating … the incident is still progressing” says Japanese nuclear specialist — All we can do now is pray Skype handing over more chat data to law enforcement Facebook's Privacy Issues Are Even Deeper Than We Knew China arrests thousands in latest internet crime crackdown - More than 10,000 suspects have been arrested and 600 criminal gangs "busted," 3.2 million "harmful" messages deleted, and 30 internet service providers punished for granting access to unlicensed All the songs DO sound the same:

 Modern pop is louder, less varied, and uses less chords than classic albums of 50s and 60s Toronto tells celebrated volunteers to stop beautifying park U.S. customs agent admits groping breasts of three female passengers searched at Miami International Emanuel:

It's time to close chapter on Burge scandal Beauty Queen Dragged Out of Bed Naked by Deputies Florida Cop Fired For Picking Up Hookers On Duty N.J. Terrorist Hideout Actually NYPD Operation DC Police Snatch Camera One Day After Being Commanded to Stop Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store DHS-funded video :

"Run, Hide, Fight," the video depicts a fictional shooting incident at an office building Police thwart mass shooting in Maryland: Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail -- for Collecting Rainwater on His Property New swine flu virus infects four people at U.S. county fair Popular MS drugs don't prevent disability, research finds

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Anonymous said...

Rivero's predictions are almost 100%.....wrong!

Want to make money in the stock market? Do exactly the OPPOSITE of what he says.

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with the previous poster. Mike off a bit on some things, but isn't everyone? At least he's fearless and on the air!

Bravo Mike!! Especially his stand on corrupt leaders.

I would avoid the stock market all together.