August 30, 2012

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2012.08.29

The China Syndrome

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Catherine Austin Fitts - The State Of The 'Nation'

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - From Tokyo - Richard Wilcox - Radioactive Supermarket Food The New Norm

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - From The RNC - Larry Sinclair - Analysis

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Diceman said...

Does Rense release these photos himself or what?

zapoper said...

I don't know Diceman. I got it in this thread:

Anonymous said...

Larry Sinclair is a DIS-GRACE. He kept talking about how small Soetoro's dick was, but this video PROVES that he is lying:

At the 0:25/0:26 second-mark, you can CLEARLY see how large it is, and this proves that this guy is lying about the size of it, and that is all that I need to know.


Anonymous said...

Should we really be talking about the size of Obammy's penis? Sounds kind of ghay to me.

Anonymous said...

obama osama

one letter difference between those two media manufactured clowns

they're still laughing at everyone over that

What the hell's up with Jeffrey's hair ? That's got to be a wig there. But that white hair he has in that one you tube video where he's driving an SUV listening to Mario Lanza seems to be real.

Totally bizarre. And no one could find any of these old photos for 20 years until Makow started slamming him.

Lindsey said...

You know, it IS very troubling that no one had any idea what Rense looked like until very recently. I remember when Victor Thorn and Lisa Giuliani were slamming him, and NO ONE could produce a real photo of him when they constantly were asking people for one.

There is a YouTube/ADL video of Rense talking about Mario Lanzo while driving in his car.

Other than this, there was NOTHING--no news footage, no old tapes of him as an anchor, not a fucking THING showing his past that people could find.

What does that say to you?



Anonymous said...

Looking at this picture you can see one or two strands which seem to appear as some white hair. He might have gone gray white at an early age.

Maybe he is a privacy freak and went back and covered any traces of his past with the help of private detectives, lawyers and tech wizards. Someone must have worked with him somewhere and can fill in the details. Unless maybe Jeff Rense isn't his real name. But why hide the past? Unless he is running from it?

Wouldn't privacy freaks be more concerned with issues of privacy now rather than privacy issues in the past? If he was a news anchor/reporter for a TV station years ago. There must be some trail, after a TV news person is a public figure.

Anonymous said...

Sotero is hung like a horse!!!!! EOD!

Anonymous said...

How do you know Barry Odongo doesn't stuff his pants with a sock like that bozo Vegas singer Tom Jones used to do ?

Rense has an equally bizarre brother named Rip Rense who was a friend of Frank Zappa's & is an obsessive Beatles freak:

Here's the original 70 page 'jeff rense exposed' thread started way back in 2006 that's still active:,5.1035.html

Anonymous said...

Agree that Rense is a strange one. I think it's weird that he doesn't take calls except for rare occasions.