Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spingola Speaks 2012.09.12

Guest: Alexander Mezentsev, author of The Don Cossacks Battle Bolshevism (The Barnes Review, July/August 2012); Cossacks on the Balkan's in WW2; Cossacks WW2; Russia - Return of the Cossacks; Israel Disses U.S. While Seeking ‘bi-lateral alliance’ with Russia; Moscow condemns US unilateral sanctions on Iran

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30.06 said...

Cossacks in Wehrmacht

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to find the film Deanna's Russian guest, Alex, is speaking of titled "The Romanovs; An Imperial Family' with English subs? I found only 1 version on Youtube in 10 minute segments w/ no Eng. subtitles. He mentions it at 110:00 into the interview. He first said it was titled "Romanov'; the Last Days', but then corrected himself after the commerical break

Also just to add, why does RBN ruin all their shows with so many commercial breaks? Why not have longer segments with a 5 min. break instead of the 60 second & 3 min. breaks? Then the interviews would go much smoother and people could actually finish their sentences once in a while. Anyone else find it annoying or is it just me? Just my .02.


Anonymous said...

@ Max,
I think the movie Alex referred to was ''The Romanovs: An Imperial Family".Part 1:

Interesting interview, thanks for posting Mami.