Thursday, September 27, 2012

The National Intel Report with John $tadtmiller 2012.09.27

Guest: Michael Shaw

Michale Shaw joins The Intel Report today to discuss Agenda 21, its origins as well as its onset into each and every person's home and daily life. Through various mechanisms it is Michaels extremely well-backed information that the government and various agencies intend to destroy private property ownership and rights through huge land grabs for wildlife preserves. Ultimately using nature to determine human actions. Together John and Michael discuss many examples which are very simply understood on how these policies of Agenda 21 are seeping into our daily lives.




Anonymous said...

Yeah. Too bad John couldn't post a better description. Michael Shaw is Mr. Fuck Agenda 21 Now! See for yourself:

Freedom Advocates: Exposing Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development

Michael Shaw delivers Misprision of Treason Notice to his Santa Cruz County Supervisor, Ellen Pirie, at the 9/25/12 board meeting. Transcript:

MICHAEL SHAW: Agenda 21, "The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America", part-1

PissedRightOff&Waiting4DaStartingGun said...

Here in the UK I recently tried to educate someone in my community about Agenda 21, by relating it to so-called initiatives in my locality, such as 'Blah blah Vision' and 'Blah blah Forward' documents, crazy pedestrianization schemes and three floor compact housing developments, among other things.

Within a day, he said he'd "checked it out and it seemed to be nothing more than the rantings of a bunch of paranoid American right wingers".

So, I gave him some Rosa Koire stuff, thinking that he'd be more at home listening to the rantings of a Democrap lesbo.

Now he doesn't speak to me and has become, if anything, more actively supportive of the decimation of his community, culture and way of life.

I give up... Plato was wrong. Reason is bullshit.

Will someone blow a whistle or something when it's time to rip these people apart? Or are we just going to sit here wait for the euthanisation truck to turn up?