Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2012.09.26

Might Makes Right is Ruling the Day in Every Way

Todays Topics:
-The Currency Wars are upon us – are all the sides playing fair?
-France after WWI did not play fair as all agreed to inflate
-The lack of real tariffs, the loss of middle class well paying jobs – The future looks grim for many wanting a trade
-The stealth move from Silver Certificates to Federal Reserve Notes – both are called “A Dollar”
-Will you sell your gold and silver for fiat currency?
-Hamilton’s vision is winning the race
-Follow the bouncing ball of Mortgage Backed Securitas yields
-The winners and losers of QU3
-Inflation is a tax few understand and politicians stay far away from this reality
-Gold may do better in October than October’s on record
-Bernanke’s job description: dampen inflation and prevent the collapse of the banking system. Nothing else matters to The Fed Board
-The Fiscal Cliff this fall is not for collapsatarian’s only
-The good old days; the Constitution. 2012 – Might makes right
-European update and the black hole for Greece and Spain’s people
-The Euro Bond and commodity prices in the future
-MBS and Modern Money Mechanics – the dynamic duo
-Why is Andrew constantly mentioning “The Potential Money Supply” ?
-The Fall Tsunami of 2008 compared with today is a fun exercise
-The easy way to buy that little piece of heaven in the country

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