Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Pete Santilli Show 2012.10.27

Article Published. CNBC Exec’s Toddlers Murdered. Article Deleted. CNBC Takes Down $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit Story

Pete covers the most important news story in all human history:  The $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

Pete is on fire on this show and exposes AJ's BS and much more, I highly recommend listening to this one




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That's what I was gonna say!

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Very good listen. We'll see what happens in the MSM. Thanks Mr Santilli. You rock, Semper Fi!

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I don't get it. His biggest axe he has to grind with Jone$ is that Jone$ doesn't talk about Judy Wood's theory. I think we're being played.

He promotes the HAARP THEORY, the same theory that Bob Tuskin and Alex Jone$ promote. At one point he suggested that the east coast was not experiencing waves which proves it's HAARp. Well we damn well now now they received waves.

I wrote him a letter in which he never replied. Sure, he may have to answer many but this had to have shaken him to his core:

"Hi Pete,

The more you investigate jewish supremacism be ready to confront the truth about the holocaust, communism, wall street, porn, advertising, media, sports, TV, etc.,

Please visit this site to learn more. It's not my site but it's pretty accurate. Might I also recommend you visit http://zioncrimefactory.comThis young man is about 20-years old and is an amazing researcher. Some of his finest essays are:

As I said, if you are a real truth seeker the truth just gets uglier and you will lose many followers and will be hated for speaking it but respected by the real truth seekers...

Good luck.

Also your show is being posted at I am one of the admins there. Keep up the good work."

He may grow but maybe my "keep up the good work" statement was too soon.

I don't trust them for now. Once again, he thinks HE and Susanne have the truth. None of us do. It's so fucking irritating.

This show was annoying imo. It tries but it strains. Their still making the distinction between zionism and judaism. They have a LONG way to go.

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And btw, Alex Jone$ is the enemy of truth. He is a jew in spirit. Continue to expose him at all costs. He is the biggest thing out there in the 'alternative' paytriotard movement but he works against the truth.

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John Alan Martinson - Monarchy IS the Natural Form of Governance

Great, super-articulate analysis, even if he doesn't convince you that "Monarchy IS the Natural Form of Governance."

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The rest of the Last Bastille Day Podcasts:

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This was a hell of a good rant. I just listened for the third time but I also got the impression he was doing it as a show same as that other ex-army guy Drake he was talking about who went on that idiot Wilcox's show and made those predictions a while back.

I wonder if this guy would go on Charles Giulini or Truth Militia ? Lee Rogers & Santilli would also be a hell of a good show. This guy talks a big talk but he probably wouldn't go on those shows since he hasn't even passed the name-the-jew litmus. He says Zionist 10 times and 'motherfucker' 5 times before he says Jews once.

That royal mind-fuck of cognitive dissonance gets even the toughest characters and biggest mouths through their minds & the triggers implanted in there through decades of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis rockclimber! As for the prev "anon" comments. Would like to see Charlie interview this guy instead of Lee. Lee tends accept his guests opinions, probably due to courtesy more than anything else. Charlie less so. It would be GREAT if Charlie could listen to this show beforehand. Charlie's brain can stew up a few angles before the event. Not trying to demean Lee as he is coming along, but Charlie tends to let it all hang out. It would be a goodie! Let's hit Charlie up!

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