Monday, October 22, 2012

The Word from the Trenches with Henry Shivley 2012.10.22

Henry was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1961, raised in Chiloquin, Oregon, a small logging town in southern Oregon, where he currently lives. Henry and his wife operate the patriot news site, From the Trenches World Report.

Topic: Looming global food crisis, CDC vaccines, Eugenics, boxcars with shackles?

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1776blues said...

Honestly, there is not a dimes bit of difference between HR than AJ or any of the other so-called Hitler bashing patriot radio host. Henry featured an article on his website which in turn was posted on RBN comparing Obama's call for a civilian force to Hitler's Brown Shirts.

I guess we than should expect for this civilian work force to do battle against the powerful Jews and their lobby, right? Not

This is your typical dumb ass patriots who have bought into the Jewish myths. In a review of James and Suzanne Pool's book: Who Financed Hitler: The Secret Funding of Hitler's Rise to Power 1919-33, they wrote this;

The truth is that Hitler was the most popular politician in Germany in the late '20s and early '30s. He did not seize power by overthrowing a legitimate regime. He garnered the votes of millions of ordinary German workers, shop owners and artisans. He was opposed not only by communists -- with whom he waged, quite literally, a battle to the death -- but also by most of Germany's military, industrial and intellectual leadership. His "Brown Shirt" street army has been condemned, but in post-WWI Germany it was a necessary self-defense tactic adapted from the communists, who routinely used mob violence against opponents.

The Treaty of Versailles created economic conditions where Hitler's populist message could gain a hearing. The Allies forced a prostrate Germany, threatened by communist revolution from within, to accept full blame for the war. Reparations included the loss of 25,000 square miles of territory together with 6 million inhabitants. Germany lost 65 percent of her iron ore reserves, 45 percent of her coal, 72 percent of her zinc and 10 percent of her industrial capacity. A 26 percent tax was placed on all German imports. It was calculated that, with interest, the cash reparation burden would have taken 50 years to pay off.

The above situation looks very much like the America the alternative media continues to warn us about. We certainly are in its infancy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 1776. Noticed some dogshit about brownshirts on Henry'show the other day, but he did seem to eat up the TALMUD truth when it was introduced. He does seem to be able to confront the Jew problem.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Henry! Like them goyim references! Keep it up and start talking about the Talmudic Jew World Order (aka Communism, Agenda 21)

30.06 said...

Yeah and the Chickenshit wouldn't publish my post calling him out on that Obama / Hitler Youth Bullshit neither . So Fuck Him , another Goddam Shill for Jew Lies .