Monday, November 5, 2012

David Duke Show 2012.11.05

Today: In the first part of the show Dr. Duke reveals an article in Haaretz newspaper in Israel showing the racist, anti-Gentile radicalization of Jews in Israel. Then Dr. Duke quotes from Jewish scholars actually saying that limited Jewish intermarriage actually makes Jews more Jewish! That it effectively eliminates Jews with more gentile sensitivities from the Jewish gene pool while at the same time affords, "avenues of invasion" to aid in their control of Gentile societies.

Dr. MacDonald then joins that discussion and finally both Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald go into the election from hell and how the election is nothing more than a dog and pony show to make Americans think they really have a say in the running of the country when in reality, fundamentally the nation is completely in subservience to Jewish extremist objectives. Finally, they discuss how Obama and Romney are used as foils to control both conservatives and liberals to think that there is actually a real choice when in fact there is only the reality of Jewish supremacist - Controlled President of the United States!

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