November 27, 2012

Maggie Rodden and Dr Carleys last show on Orion Radio 2012.11.26

 Dr. Rebecca Carley joins me for our final show on Orion. Listen in as we reiterate the fact that only the truth will set us free.

Speech is “hate” only to those who “hate” the truth. The truth is the only thing that will set us all free. I believe in free speech and those who believe you must not say things that people might not like obviously don’t understand the idea of free speech. I don’t agree with everything people say or every way they say what they say, but they have the right to say what they want, the way they want to say it.

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 America's chief rabbi, Stephen Wise, confessed in 1935, "Some call it Marxism - I call it Judaism!"  Don't call it Zionism - call it what it is:  Judaism.

 Orion Talk Radio Says No To Hate Speech

 Orion Talk Radio extends its remorse over unexpected and regretful incidents of anti-Semitic hate speech that went out over our station air waves and wrongly conveyed that all people of Jewish ancestry and religion are evil or bad. To be fair, commenting about Zionism and the Israeli government are one thing, but to claim that all Jews are bad is an extreme far right viewpoint that has no place in the media, and most especially not on Orion Talk Radio.

We fully support the right to free speech, but we also understand that free speech does not sanction or support the right to hate speech, that which denigrates an entire ethnic culture, or singles out those of a specific color or religious affiliation. A precious, hallowed right such as the first amendment was never intended to be used for hate speech, nor to target specific groups by ethnicity or color.

Let us be public and perfectly clear on this divisive issue: Orion Talk Radio does not condone ideology such as this and has already taken internal steps to remedy the issue, implementing policy within to ensure that such an incident doesn't happen again, by setting procedures in place that allow for immediate dismissal upon violation of said policy.

As a sign of our commitment and sensitivity to this issue, a zero tolerance policy has been enacted. At Orion Talk Radio, we refuse to follow the dark path of divisive hateful speech. Our sincere hope is for Orion to be the number one choice for listeners who are seeking an alternative to the mainstream media disinformation and propaganda machine. Our mission is to unite people, not divide them.

At Orion Talk Radio we don't take our media responsibility lightly, and we understand that we are all in this fight for freedom and liberty, together. So with that said, we thank you for allowing us into your daily listening routine, and for helping spread the truth about real issues that affect all of us in this allied fight that we face together, against the forces of the new world order. -Orion Talk Radio Programming.


Lindsey said...

Mr. Mami, would you please put that monologue in your "rant of the month" for this month?

This was just incredible, and I am so proud that ZCF and I were instrumental in making her the woman who she is today...although I have not been able to contribute much lately due to my health.


Mami said...

I am so proud that ZCF and I were instrumental in making her the woman who she is today...although I have not been able to contribute much lately due to my health. LOL

Hey Mr Girly Man get over your self!

Maggie has been bustin balls since you were in diapers

Anonymous said...

RE: " Orion Talk Radio Says No To Hate Speech"

Where can someone figure out specifically what happened here? Orion's ADL-ass-kiss writeup makes it sound like there was "an incident" - is that right? or was it just a cumulative thing with Roddin & Carley's constant attention towards the kosher elephant in the room?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mami, this should be interesting...

Anonymous said...

Orion is finished.

Lindsey you better stop eating all that table sugar you were giving in your secret recipe in the chat room if you want to stay healthy.

And don't forget the hemp shakes from Tom at hempusa

Anonymous said...

ZCF has only been on Maggie Roddin once so how could 22 year old Canuck have been instrumental in anything in her achievement of true 'womanhood' via the troof movement ? lol

Anonymous said...

I hope more hosts leave Orion once they realize that they have a limited amount of free speech there. Life's too short to wear a muzzle in the only time in history where they can reach so many people across the globe.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Orion, according to Shoutcast stream server stats, is pulling in about 20-30 people a show. Not sure what is going on over there.

Tuskin, purportedly, is "in", although hiding under some rock somewhere.

Then we see this laughably insane politically correct statement that only Jews find to be important anymore - the whole concept is dates by at least a decade...nobody cares to be lectured anymore about what is and is not appropriate to for Jews and their adherents in the anti-American crowd.

Question is - how does a station with 20 verified Shoutcast listeners pull in so much advertising?

Was Orion a "controlled alternative media" front that was so useless that the power brokers behind figured no need to try to hide the reality of what is behind the network anymore?

Anonymous said...

Orion broadcasting network.......deleted... RJ

Anonymous said...

We have to ask ourselves the real question and that is "How many crypto Jew talk show hosts are on Oracle?"
Most of these so called Jew haters hate Christianity a hell of a lot more than Jews if not every one of them. We didnt call for you to lose free speech, but we do hate the fact that you have the phone lines cut off to us and kick us out of all your chatrooms like fags, right Fetch, Giuliani, Sledge, Celtic Midget etc.? The truth is none of them can handle the truth.
If Lindsey and ZCF are the leaders of this movement you are all in deep doo.

Mel Gibstein

Anonymous said...

"Jew haters hate Christianity a hell of a lot more than Jews"
Since christianity today is the lapdog of zionists and the vast majority of Christians just love Jewish Supremacists, I can understand why.

"We didnt call for you to lose free speech" says so, with a very sly jewish-like demonic smile.

"we do hate the fact that you have the phone lines cut off to us..." Is that you bitching? You act like your kind never does such things. lol

"The truth is none of them can handle the truth." Truth is that your a dumbass jew-lover! You don't even know what the 'troof' so shut it.

"If Lindsey and ZCF are the leaders..." If you think that, then you are in deeper doo than you already are in. Nobody knows who Lindsey is!

Anonymous said...

The lobottom line. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

'hate'only applies when you talk about jews of course. You can bash muslims all you want, that is Kosher enough for Judah. What a ridiculous 'statement'. Sounds so self-rightous and just plain simple idiotic, something only a Judeized mind could spew! YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Good news!!!

TorBaker said...

"ZCF and I were instrumental in making her the woman who she is today..."

oh God! that was seriously embarrassing to read. Your self-important ass really need to calm down.

Keith Truth Militia Radio said...

Never heard of Orion or Maggie before listening to this show.

After listening, I say Orion is just another fake truth website and radio network. If you cant call a Jew a Jew then there is something wrong. This is all there is to it.

I praise Maggie and Dr. Carley for basically saying fuck off Orion and The sissy half a fag owner of the network.

Anonymous said...

So is Lindsey saying he gave Maggie his balls?

Lindsey said...

All that I meant in what I said was that from my call-ins confronting her guests who were shilling on her show AND from my promotion of ZCF's master-piece article showing what awaits us for our collective future on her show and elsewhere, she stopped blaming all of this shit on "the UN" and "Agenda 21" and then focused on the TRUE enemy, and that is simply a fact. We talked at-length over time on these issues, I told her where to look from my experiences in the REAl truth-movement, and got her to do things with ZCF, and that is that.

I have nothing more to say about this and I really should not have said anything about how she "woke-up" because people took it the wrong way.

My whole point was that ANYONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW THE TRUTH, CAN KNOW/FIND-OUT THE TRUTH, but they must be willing to accept it when they find it, and Maggie did that, and that is absolutely commendable. There are many people in this "movement" who just talk amongst themselves and do not do much to reach-out, and Maggie is proof that not all hosts/hostesses are shills or are afraid the demons walking-on-two-legs.


TheFetch said...

Dr. Rebecca Carley on Inside the Eye - Live, Saturday at 11:00. She is moving to The Micro Effect.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Micro Effect lol

It'll have exactly that a 'micro effect' if not a non-existent 'effect.'

Let them both move over to Oracle like Celtic Rebel suggested to Lee Rogers the other day and at least hit number 360,000 in Alexa ratings with all those radio hosts still WAY behind Daryl Bradford Smith just by his lone self who is WAY behind Ugly Truth Network at 173,000.

ZCF is the only young guy whose site is doing good at 163,000 (ahead of David Duke). John Friend is at 2.5 million & Azaziah is at 2.6 million

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lindsey is so full of himself, but not so is Maggie and Carley. I so appreciate any show featuring the two of them together, or separately, for the love of the people, FOR GENTILE EMPOWERMENT.