December 12, 2012

Spingola Speaks 2012.12.12

Guest: Michael Kirsch talks about How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States.

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Anonymous said...

I can't stand these brainwashed larcouche cultists. Here's a good document written by a few people who finally broke free and left. it totally proves it's nothing but a cult and their king, Larouche, is nothing but a deluded narcissist. Their constant worship of FDR and lies about ww2 make me sick
"Why We Left"

Anonymous said...

That's right and Spingola's using a liar about WWII & FDR to supposedly tell the 'true history' about Andrew Jackson? What a laugh! She's so desperate to get Andrew Jackson that she'll use even a shill from the Larouche camp, someone she would never consult for Third Reich history.

Why would anyone who admires a scumbag like FDR, a guy that was pro-Stalin, who baited the Japanese into Pearl Harbor & knew the attack was coming, did everything he could to get the U.S. involved in WWII & save his beloved communism while destroying the anti-usury coalition of Hitler & Mussolini, why would a Marxist like this, who obviously hates the founding principles of the USA or he wouldn't praise FDR, tell you the truth about Jackson?

Webster Tarpley, the supershill, is also an ex-Larouchian whose wife & daughter both work for a Jew as Bollyn proved years ago, and he also pushes a Rooseveltian Jew Deal as the answer to the economic problems of the USA. A socialism that kicks the usurers out and is nationalist in nature already has a name and it's not 'Rooseveltian New Deal,' it's National Socialism and it's a political platform that any nation can use. If the Larouchians think it's 'strategy' to call National Socialism 'Rooseveltian,' they can shove that strategy straight up their untrustworthy, shill asses.

The Jacksonians must have not done too good of a job of 'destroying the USA,' since despite the 'destruction,' the USA still had the highest standard of living in the world & it was still the USA that the Jews used to win both WWI & WWII & go from only 16 central banks in the world to establishing by U.S. military shabbos goyism attack-doggery the 155 central banks we have in the world today all tied to the BIS, bank of international settlements or the central bank of the central banks.

Deanna said...

I am not going to get into a rhetorical battle about Larouche and their ridiculous views about FDR and other issues. However, that group has produced some good books - Drug, Inc.and the Truth about the ADL among other things. I reiterated yesterday that I did not endorse their views about Hamilton, FDR, Lincoln or WW2. Further, I am not desperate to "get Andrew Jackson," a Freemason who created the Democratic Party, the party that August Schönberg (August Belmont, Rothschild agent) controlled. People who actually look at the historical records, including the correspondence between the Rothschilds in London and the Jackson administration, discover the truth about him. There are too many people in the so-called truth movement who selectively accept or reject the myths and official version about numerous events and people instead of objectively looking into the historical records. Researchers evaluate evidence and draw their own conclusions. Alternatively, mimics, perhaps trying to avoid cognitive dissonance, repeat the widely-believed popular lies and stay safely within the comfort zone. People remain in denial because they do not wish to admit that they have been fooled. I doubt that the farmers and common people who lost everything they had in the 1837 crash believe that they were living in a country with a high standard of living. How about the people who participated in the 147 riots in 1835, those that the government sent the military in to quash? Citizens were angry because officials allocated federal funds to Jackson’s friends, bank owners who invested in speculative ventures for the potential profits, exactly what the government and the banks are doing now. People should objectively embrace truth where they find it, whoever the messenger is. Discrediting the messenger and denying historical facts does not change what happened. The financial center of the US shifted from Philadelphia to New York under Jackson and his predecessor and his vice president, Martin Van Buren, who was related to both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt who were most likely jewish, according to early land records in New York.

Mami said...

@ Anon 1 & 2

I find your arguments to be a typical Ad hominem attack against Deannas character and that of her guest and that shit doesn't fly here.

Deanna is one of the most honorable women I've known in this "Truth" movement, and I'm pretty sure I'm in the majority here, so unless you want to bring some evidence to prove your arguments and stop doing your attacks anonymously, shut the fuck up.

Free speech doesn't include trolling and attacking peoples character without evidence to back it up in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the first comment and it was TOTALLY NOT directed at Deanna. It was directed at the larouchies!! I never said anything about Deanna! I even wrote her to thank her for the show on Jackson. I just hate the larouche people. Even if they occasionally put good info out, then always push FDR, which drives me crazy