Monday, December 17, 2012

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.12.17

Connecticut shooting.

Show Notes

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Unknown said...

There is a big movement going on now like Alex Jones always exposes the jew the Evaangelical christian blood cult is also exposing the jew and blaming the Jesuits. Not that I am pro catholic or anything but at least the Jesuits helped rescue 30,000 Waffen SS to stop getting them sent ot an Eisenhower death camp to fight off the Bolshevic invasion of Europe in Operation Gladio. This and the fact that many did support Adolf Hitler must be the reason for the relentless baseless attacks on them now. just watch this video and see how this zionist Christian claims that the Jesuits are in control of Hollywood. You probabley will not be able to respond because of jewtube censoring but at least try.
Yes it is unbelievable and full of lies about who funded Hitler,and who is behind the jew world order. This guy is a total liar just like Alex Jones, David Icke, William Cooper, all of the mainstreem jewsmedia, Ted Nugent, Jessie Ventura all work to prtect the jews from exposure. All totlal liars.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Giuliani's caller Martin-UK at 54:42 about multiple shooters. Could be faked, but why wd he?