Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.01.31

Guest: William Blair and Arthur George talk about Indigenous Identity Theft & fraud

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who has listened to this -- a summary would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Education system is programming not teaching critical thought.

Can we say a prayer before we begin to get the metaphysical to correct problems in the physical asks George ("George is my strawman name); (Red Indian imprecation... presumably... follows). He is of Washoe(?) (inaudible) tribe of California. (Makes a change, often the presented "Native American" is usually of the Lakota Indian tribe - as per that cited @45.45). Now let's once in a while acknowledge the earlier inhabitants, Kennewick Man, Solutreans, etc etc? Why did the Clinton (crypto?) Regime bulldoze over an archeological site and plant trees on top ffs??

Fraud and theft is academic colonialism, legislative treaty contracting, agency rule making, systems of austerity, coercion of indigenous populations to accept "benefits" and false rights etc. Gradualism to make false identities, like strawman the articial identity, the most insideous methodology.

A lot of puff about the treaties flowing from contract -versus- covenant (same difference), evil "Bar" lawyers/associations, "corporations" (U.N. corporation as an international religious corporation - Temple of Understanding - Lucis Trust) etc etc. (If anyone has legal documented sources affirming the Temple, the Bar Association, the Crown as in The Temple etc etc owns GB, USA, etc etc and is the shady undefined group responsible for The World's Unrest please post link; pending that, you can take it as ©Tavistock BS). More prosaically, the point is that the Injuns were overborne and their lands seized by dint of conquest, and land and property gained by conquest is by the international law of nations, that of the conqueror. Not condoning any genocide of the Indians or any others or the political disenfranchisement of same or reneging on treaties but... maybe the Indians have harvested the fruits of Karma for their own genociding of Caucasoids in N. America ca. 9000 BC. OK OK 2 wrongs don't make a Rite. :)

Resocialisation of the people... My People. So like in Disraeli's book, they recognise that "Race is everything, and every race that does not keep its blood from being mixed will perish... Language and religion do not determine a race -- blood determines it."

Claim "We the People" did not include the (so-called) indigenous peoples whose tribes were akin to the later States (note they adopt the convention of speaking of the tribes as Nations). Odd that the UN document on indigenous people's rights and genocide doesn't seem in practice to be enforced to protect WHITE indigenous peoples of Western Europe. Hey but the Injuns are receiving Compensation from Universe - they run the casinos (@59m / Abramoff) don't they?

@52m Deanna conjectures that the US Government does not have the well-being of the indigenous poeple at heart. Well, just who IS... who CONTROLS... the US Government?*

@55:35 - cult-like behaviors we have jihads sitting in every political court. WHO controls the legal system and the law-making process? Whose mania of micro-managing humanity is the real issue? What does this fog have to do with observed reality?

The drug cartel. It's all the pushers fault; they MADE us get hooked (but not at the point of a gun, unlike in China when the Kikes were growing red in Bengal and getting the Not-so-Brites to ship it round to Chinkytown for their (Kikes) profit.

@1:07 war on terror** and the Brits waging it on IRA (Indian Reorganisation Act(?)) cartel. Well actually, the war on "terror" is a typically Joo modality and projection.**

Lots of mouthing of The Vatican, the British Empire.

The land wasn't fucking STOLEN for the most part, it was won by main right, by conquest. It ain't necessarily RIGHT, but that is the reality.

Anonymous said...

If the Native Americans (so-called) can get "their" land back, that justifies the Joos claiming "their" (never-never) land back, don't it? But if Whitey's on the run and La Raza is encouraged to say go back to Europe gringo, maybe Europe should be cleansed of ITS recent (from 1645) migrants also.

"For a long time our people in North America thought that the
American Indians were children of Satan, diabolically evil creatures,
because they scalped their victims, fought by skulking behind
trees, treacherously murdered defenceless women, children, and
other non-combatants in our settlements", and were guilty of many
other crimes against humanity". Eventually, however, we realized
that they were not inspired by Satan, w x~

Anonymous said...

... cont'd
Satan, were not innately evil, and
also realized that they could not be transformed into white men by
telling them our favorite myths and sprinkling them with, or dousing
them in, magic water. They were a biologically different race,
so different from ours that no real comity was possible, and they
fought by methods that seemed entirely right and proper according
to their own standards, using, indeed, the only weapons with which
they could defend the land that we wanted to take from them - the
land to which we had a right by our own standards and our race's
need for new territory....' And we proved our right - that we were
the superior race by the only criteria that have real meaning."

-- from America's Decline by Revilo P. Oliver.

The only way to have an honest discussion of the legal aspects of abstruse theories like on this show is to have an attorney in on the discussion to challenge their wild-eyed theories. Instead of that you get all sort of bizarro notions pushed unilaterally without any meaningful critique.

Investigate the Jewish connection of these speakers, either in their own background (octoroon Jews?) or in whoever tutored them or financed them. You don't need all the fog of BS to divine the hand of the Jewish spirit in this pipedream of race-based self-assertion and against Wicked Whitey's (apparent but not real) dominion. The "Tribe" of these guys isn't the only one with a hand in this.

Alex Linder was right when he said that since women got their head in politics, consensus values have undermined rights. He reckoned that women are networking creatures and seem to feel the pain of exclusion more acutely than men. The Jew pressure on free speech receives - consciously or not - support from women whose balance generally tends to nurturing and whose instinct comes out as school-ma'am's "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Don't hurt (certain) people's feelings by standing up for gun rights. Political Correctness will help you overcome these nasty things so you cancheck yourself from speaking.
OK there are exceptions - but the generality is what counts in a "democratic" political system. This is why wimmin's lib was spawned and pushed by the Jew.

"...anyone that says there are no differences between the races is either a liar or a fool or both... we
are all different; this is a fact of life. The sooner we all accept this, the better."

--from a speech given in reunited Germany by Dr. Robert L. Brock, Black Nationalist and founder,
Self Determination Committee. Article: 'An American Black Nationalist challenges Germans to fight
for their freedom': The Spotlight, November 21, 1994.

* Ariel Sharon, Israel's current Prime Minister, has said openly, "Every time we do something
you tell me America will do this and will do that. . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't
worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the
Americans know it." (October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio).

** "The main achievement of the peasant policy carried out by
the Bolshevists is the terroristic[SIC-NB] law of August 7, 1932, which,
for any kind of "wrong" committed by a peasant enacts the
death penalty, ten years of hard labour or forced labour sentences.
Judeo-Bolshevism even abuses the relation of child to
parent in applying this law. "lswestia" reports, on May 28,
1934, how a girl denounced her father, who had kept
back grain that had been commissioned by the collective.
Under the terror law her father was subject to the death
penalty. The child received official congratulation for her act."
--Joseph Goebbels - Bolshevism in Theory and Practice (1936)