Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Me Ho" Rivero - Wha's Happenin

Aloha Americones,

My name is Me ho. You pronounce that “Me - hoe”. Well, to be clear maybe I should write important things phonetically so there is no mistake.

Hello fellow Americones, My name is “Me-ho”. I come from “Meh-hee-Co” south of the border. “Meh-hee-Co” is a country of extremes. There is vast poverty, contrasted by a small ruling class.

The way it works is almost all of the poverty people are little brown squat monsters, like myself. The reason I appear this way is due to my genetics. I am a mixture of Aztec Indian and Negro.

In stark contrast, the ruling class people are tall and beautiful with Caucasian features. The reason they appear this way is due to their genetics.

They originate from Spain. Spain is a county in Europe.

You may have noticed that we brown squat monsters generally speaka de Spanish. That is because the Spanish language was brought to us by the Spanish explorers. Before the Spanish came, we didn’t have a lot going on.

In addition to a useful language, the Spanish brought along their technology and know-how.

There are a lot of misconceptions about “Meh-hee-Co” and South America for that matter. There are lies being spread primarily though your jewish educational system and media claiming that the brown squat monsters of “Meh-hee-Co” somehow had created great societies and “inexplicably vanished”.

Well, that is not exactly true. To give you a clearer picture of the mechanism of what causes advanced cultures to decompose - one needs to look no further that Detroit in your own county.

Detroit was once a cultural icon of North America. I know that it may be very difficult for many of you to believe this considering that today Detroit is teeming with human cockroaches. We call them Mayatays. Phonetically it’s “My-ya-tay”. That means nigger.

“My-ya-tays” (niggers) are worse than Cucarachas. This fact makes me want to break out in song - here, I will pull out my maracca from my back pocket and shake it while I sing:

La cu-ca- | ra-cha, la cu-ca-ra-cha
| ya no pue-de ca-mi-nar
por-que no | tie-ne, por-que le fal-ta
| u-na pa-ta de a-tras.

Maybe you have heard us sing that song before - no? This is how is the translation of “La Curcuacca” (The Cockroach):

“The cockroach, the cockroach / can no longer walk / because he doesn't have, because he lacks / a hind leg.”

You might be wondering why we “Meh-he-canos” sing about cockroaches. Well, it seems that wherever we go, cockroaches follow and infest our homes….so we sing about them.

Anyway, back to my discussion of Detoilet. Was once a cultural icon and was considered to be the “Paris” of North America. It was the seat of White ingenuity and industry and is where the Automotive Industry came into its own through the efforts of great White men such as Henry Ford.
So what happened?

As in all great White societies and as with all higher life forms - parasites infest them. The normal progressions of event usually begins with an infestation of the jewish parasite.

The jewish parasite attempts to hide among the host population in order to subvert it from the inside. They do all sorts of damaging things, and special effort is made to appeal the inherent goodness of White people. This is used a a weapon against he White people themselves.

Jews try to convince the White people that the genetic underclass should be “helped”. So they convince the White people to tolerate the presence of the genetic underclass and valuable resources are spent on them.

This only serves to increase the numbers of the genetic underclass - until a tipping point is finally reached, making it impossible for

White people to live there any longer due to the crime and violence that the genetic underclass directs at Whites. Much of this crime and violence against Whites is incited and directed by jews through their strategic control of the media and government.

This is what happens to EVERY advanced civilization.

When will you White people learn?
It is time for you to remove the parasite and send brown squat monsters like me back to “Meh-hee-co”. If you don’t, I will just recreate “Meh-hee-co” right here.

In closing, I will leave you with a little joke. It goes like this:

What does a seniorita and a refried bean taco have in common?

When you spread their lips they’re brown in there - and they both smell the same too.

Later Puto's


Anonymous said...

mee ho finally said something that made sense.

Anonymous said...

This post reeks of the "hooray for us, screw everybody else" attitude that Pastor Charles Giuliani taught me was poison spread by ("white trash," "inbred") "White Supremacists."

Anonymous said...

The last three lines tell us all we know about this scribbler. He is much more Jew-ish than he would ever care to admit.

Mazel tov, Rabbi Brains-Between-the-Legs.

fakewar said...

absolute merde

Anonymous said...

I miss your photoshops of rivero
your overall reasoning is pretty sound.

Anonymous said...

i agree. the last three lines turns what was otherwise a brilliant piece on its head and delegitimizes the entire thing. smells tribal to me. they are the sneaky ones, after all.

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

Hey Mami, fuck you.

Mexicans brought more culture into this country & do more hard labor than most sitting on their fat asses talking about how superior they are... and as we all know racial supremacy is the mark of the Jew.

I came over to this site because I was looking for something besides CI from Prothink and ignorants like Metzger and Rich from Truth Militia.

Your crude humor alone is the sign of someone that is the exact opposite of someone who is racially supreme.

I don't want to throw around the Jew card but I will tell you to smarten the fuck up or your going to lose a lot of followers, most come to this site because it doesn't stink with white supremacist views like so many others.. but this post certainly does.

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

p.s. I don't endorse mass immigration of illegals or any of that crap, but this post really pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

ThusSpokeYahweh said...
Hey Mami, fuck you.
"I came over to this site because I was looking for something besides CI from Prothink and ignorants like Metzger and Rich from Truth Militia."

Why don't you fuck off back to zioncrimefactory... oh you already got that one fucked offline so you're onto your next haunt to disrupt now.

Anyway, Mami, do as this guy says or else, you're all going to be called jews, supremacists and nazis until you accept their atheist communist method of fighting zionism, which is by accepting it through stealth.

Oy vey!

ThusSpokeYahweh said...


I am a NationalSocialist you dumb fuck.

Why don't you go back to worshiping your dirty, circumcised, baby Jewsus and following a religion that claims your the "real Jews" your are pathetic as the black Israelites.

I'd work with a Christian or Muslim over your faggot JewGod cult because it's impossible to work with a racial supremacist no matter if they are the same skin color or not!

But my thinking is most of the ones behind CI are in fact verry kosher.

Diceman said...

Rivero is a Sephardic Jew according to Total Fascism so I almost wonder if Mami's account has been hacked into.

Anonymous said...

Grizzom got taken in by a cleverly written piece. If he didn't get taken in, then he is no better than the inbred racists that have such pieces circulated.

What a fucking shame.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Lulz Mami!!!!! That marrano got way too much publicity here!!!

TugBobskin said...

I thought the picture was funny.. but the rest was poorly written tripe that was worse than Delaney's old racist garbage... asides the fact that Mike River is uh... JEWISH!

Anonymous said...

"Any work that I do, including the meta-child, is about a critique of the whole of society again. It's about the wall-to-wall lies and hypocrisy and duplicity that we're all living in and my message to people is simply to look at that, without self-condemnation. You can have criticalness and you can have judgment but you don't have to have self-sadism or self-condemnation which is rampant in our world. All advertising is working on the anxiety circuitries of our mind, they're working on the dark, limbic, poisonous levels of our mind. Just this instant gratification. Civilization is actually based on delayed gratification. In learning how to delay our gratifications we become creative, moral and basically civilized people. The media and the whole matrix of media control tries to erode that so this is what's turning into perverted, sadistic, criminal or suicidal people. A lot of the aggression that comes around in not wanting to have your gratifications delayed, in men that might be projected into crime and psychopathy, in women it's often introjected because this is just the way that the male-female paradigm has also been conditioned down through time. So men will project it in acts of sadism and violence and women will introject it within in acts of masochism, in bulimia and anorexia and all sorts of skin breakouts and deep self-hatred. And then another wing of the media comes around and presents these glowing, angelic, unattainable models who themselves may be as sick as anything in their head but, of course, you don't know that, you're identifying with it because it's on the magazines on the television and the poor young girls have to identify with that? What does that turn them into? And if these people have such deep self-hatred, how on earth can they sustain a legitimate relationship? Their entire relationship to males is going to be based on their dysfunctional understanding of what it means to be feminine. A man's relationship to his girlfriend is going to be deeply disaffected and contaminated by his false understanding of what masculinity is. Because he's going to see nothing but negative images and personifications of what a male is. The concepts of masculinity and femininity are really becoming invisible, they don't even exist anymore. Each person's vision of who they are is distorted by the projections that they have on other people ! This is mass psychosis. And you know that happens? Their first instinct now, biologically, when they get to 25 or 27 is to go out and have kids. So here's children with children ! " Michael Tsarion on Vantage Point Radio with Michael Vail - 5/16/2010

Anonymous said...

Alex Linder on your right, Carolyn Yahweheager on your left and Prostink and Willy Booger Finck straight ahead.

Ahhhhh !!! Now that's what I call the kingdom of heaven on earth.

What a wonderful world that would be to live in. My purple-head one-eyed monster turns white as a ghost's ass-cheek just thinking about it.

zapoper said...

Rivero is a Sephardic Jew according to Total Fascism. I don't think that we need Andre to tell us that Rivero is Sephardic Jew when he himself has told us countless times that he is.

Some anon wrote this in the "Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (2012)" thread and Mami thought it was funny and made a post out of it. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Mexico - The Souther Hillman & Furay Band

Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

"Life is a fucking, massive mystery, man. And the only way we're ever going to at least get a grip on how to maneuver our way through it in a sensible, pleasurable way is to tell the truth. We've got to tell the truth man." -- Joe Rogan

Yeah man !! Right on man !! My nuts tingle doing these Tae-Kwon-Do splits on shrooms, man !

"The three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together." -- Zbig the Ruthless.

1. patrick sullivan
June 19, 2011 - 6:01 pm

Who said to “Give unto Cesar what is Cesar’s and give unto LABOR what is LABOR’S?

Adam Smith suggested a couple of hundred years ago that if LABOR didn’t collect, mine, melt, tote and store the gold, well it just wouldn’t exist period. Is there any doubt about that? So where is the value in money then; the gold or the LABOR?

If there is no gold in the vault, and LABOR shows up to make your meal will it taste any different?
Now on the other hand, if there is a bunch of gold in the vault and LABOR is on holiday, then who will make your meal?

If we use Paper, plastic or electronic blips on a screen or anything else that is employed as a medium of exchange that is commonly called Money, is there any doubt that it will continue to have purchasing power as long as LABOR remains on the job turning the wheels of industry?

In addressing the economics of their time, The framers used the term “Bills of credit,” to describe what we call money, yet what are these “Bills of credit?”

If we are exchanging money for goods and services, are these pieces of green paper with funny and strange symbols on them anything other than promises of LABOR to one another?

If money, as the medium of exchange mechanism represents values associated with LABOR, Could we describe money then as an “Abstract receipt of LABOR?”

If so, then What is the true measure of money other than in the things of good created by LABOR?
Is there any chance that talking about money as a thing in and of itself apart from the LABOR that makes it valuable by bringing to life the goods and services that are exchanged for it, merely a disguise orchestrated by the princes of the finance world to camouflage the true nature of the elemental values created by the power of LABOR?

Is money exchangeable for LABOR?
Is LABOR exchangeable for money?
If they can be exchanged from one form into the other, then are they not the same things in different forms?

One real, termed LABOR, And One abstract; the receipt of LABOR, termed Money. Is there any doubt about then that money is indeed an “Abstract receipt of LABOR?”
So “Where’s the beef?”

So it was said “Give unto Cesar what is Cesar’s…but if LABOR was on holiday, would there be any way for anyone to to give anything to Cesar?

Goldbugs, Silverites, Greenbackers, plastic carders, check writers, coupon clippers; what makes them all valuable? Is there any chance that it could be anything other than LABOR?

And the question of “Where’s the beef:” Can we consider all of those cowboys, ranchers, herders, truckers, cooks and servers and a whole lot more that deliver it to your table, rare medium or well done?

How does it all happen other than by the creative power of LABOR?
Would it be a stretch to suggest that if we wish to protect our money, the best way to do it is to protect our LABOR?

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." -Winston Burpchill

The truth will out said...

So the nu-kids on the block want dictate what can and what can't be spoken of.

Primarily, it must be only what they as individuals want to speak about and only what they as individuals approve of.

The nu-kids don't like religion, cos that's how they've been taught.

The Communists were atheists...with a twist, because they were actually jewish and not atheists at all, only that was never articulated when being told how great it is to be a communist sympathiser.

The nu-kids don't like Hitler, because he was the most evilest man that ever lived, this was told to them by the same people that brought them TV/Hollywood and all its history and military [Hitlery] documentaries and their academic school curriculum.

The nu-kids above all else hate racism, they shout it as soon as someone says something they don't like about a race they love.
Racists, Racists, Racists.

It's great because that was the same tactic employed by every jewish organisation since the introduction of multi-culturalismto our white lands in the face of much protestation to beat the white natives down into accepting this cultural suicide.

So we are now at the page where the nu-kids want to not only hijack, direct and reinvent the whole awakening to the jewish question, but they believe that they are equipped with the savvy to lead it as well.

Considering the average IQ of the white citizen of the US and Europe has dropped so dramatically since the introduction of jewish multiculturalism and the fact they believe all the lies jewish college professors tells them...
It's probably better to leave it in the hands of those who have been more attuned to and have decades of research under their belts on the issue issue for a period longer than most have been out of nappies.

Not sure the nu kids fed a steady diet of trash TV, cultural distortion, self-gratification and plastic foodstuffs that deteriorate the brain are the best to lead us.

The internet gives us this new opportunity to spread the word, however it also enables the paid jewish hasbarats the opportunity to disrupt and derail any such movements from gaining any momentum.

Leaders will take shape and form and many will be made and rise to the occasion.
Spending 10 minutes watching youtube videos perhaps isn't the best building block to anoint yourselves a saviour of any sort.

These are exiting times, the freedom of information age has taken a massive step forward, we should use it wisely before they shut it all down and we're stuck back with trash jew TV shows about some brainless teenagers getting drunk and falling over and Hitler defamation history channels.

Watch, listen and learn, we all have much more to learn, history has been corrupted so much so that people born these days seem to think that being gay is normal and that Jesus was a jew.

Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't give you carte blanche to spend the proceeding hours throwing abuse at them with some infantile nickname you've recently conjured up [i.e. Christards, Libtards, Patriotards, mud slime, etc], it just makes you look like a fucking moron.

If you can't debate, then don't enter one.

If you can't handle listening to others ideas, I suggest you piss off and form your own organisation where those that agree with you 100% can join up to it.

Other than that I really enjoy listening to the posted radio shows from different types of people I never heard of before finding this site, some I agree with some I don't, either way it's great to get the chance to have them all stored on one website.

Keep it up guys, just don't let this place become a kindergarten shitfest.


Delenda Est Judaica!

Anonymous said...

insider: "now there is trouble brewing over at Mark Glenn's TUT.
Mark Glenn thought he was going to be a big leader by accepting the official story about Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook is a questionable situation, so this was a questionable move.
The hosts at TUT that you don't see broadcasting recently are the ones who don't agree with the Mark Glenn Sandy Hook position. They are voting with their feet."

Anonymous said...

However, he's the guy I listen to every day, right after Deana's radio show..

Diceman said...

@zapoper: you obviously listened to a lot more of WRH than I did, I only listened to about 30 minutes in total.

zapoper said...

Yes I did Diceman. Enough to hear him repeat the same thing over and over and over again for two years straight. LOL

Zane said...

People are getting froggy over this video now that it's gone VIRAL.
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Here are some comments:

"e33state, you should get an oscar for this upload, excellent work. 1 million stars, shared to facebook."

"Viral is an understatement, this needs to go galactic"

"This was the best video to put things in check.......Excellent...... Excellent......Excellent"

Anonymous said...

Lighten up! This was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Anon wrote: "now there is trouble brewing over at Mark Glenn's TUT.
Mark Glenn thought he was going to be a big leader by accepting the official story about Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook is a questionable situation, so this was a questionable move. The hosts at TUT that you don't see broadcasting recently are the ones who don't agree with the Mark Glenn Sandy Hook position. They are voting with their feet."

Thanks for sharing. I'm done w/Mark Glenn (his attacks on people questioning Sandy Hook was the last straw for me). Good to hear that some of the other hosts at TUT don't agree w/arrogant Glenn

Anonymous said...

Never listened to this guy nor cared too. Don't really care much about him.

Race Baiting CI Lover said...

Truth Will Out shut your CI mouth and "piss off", you bitch and moan about bashing your JewGod but...
"keep it up". Hitler thought those kind of jokes were deplorable. You are obviously not an Aryan.

Anonymous said...

Latino culture for passionless geeks with raisin nutsacks who dare slander man-tits Rivero :

Bud & Travis Malaguena Salerosa

Gato Barbieri - Marìa Domingas from "Under Fire" (1971)

Irakere- ese atrevimiento

Silvio Rodríguez - Nuestro Tema

Brand X: And So To F

Santana - Song Of The Wind - LIVE

Phil Manzanera - "Frontera" - with Robert Wyatt on vocals

Marcos Valle - Nao Tem Nada Nao - 1973 [Brazil]

"Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be." ~ Jose Ortega y Gasset

The truth will out said...

Race Baiting CI Lover said...
"Truth Will Out shut your CI mouth and "piss off", you bitch and moan about bashing your JewGod but...
when it comes to lewd racial jokes
"keep it up". Hitler thought those kind of jokes were deplorable. You are obviously not an Aryan."

I'm not CI, I can however piss off if that is your command, I don't however take claim of ownership of any God least of all a jewish one.

I don't really have much opinion on lewd racial jokes, somes good somes crap, I've been listening to whitey being the brunt of the joke for the past 40 years.
Maybe the injured parties can take it out of my taxes in some way as some kind of recompense, in spite of the fact I, neither made the joke, nor gave it my approval.

Hitler was a man of honour and dignity, and perhaps your greatest fear was he wouldn't have subscribed to this dysgenics that has taken place across the West since Germany's fall, producing lower IQ whites who all seem to have dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.
Enjoy your gangsta rap and Lady Gaga kid.

Perhaps those wholly opposed to Delaney can take it with with him, by alligning yourself with ZCF shows his support base to be rather filled with hideously moronic cunts.

I used to enjoy his website, however it seems to have attracted the inferior of our species more than most.

Marc B said...

Somebody is finally calling out Rivero. His ethnicity is not the problem, it's how his ethnicity informs his opinions that is.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mike´s Bankers Wars piece isn´t too popular with the joos and their shills, LOL.