February 28, 2013

Reconstructions Live with Mike Sledge 2013.02.28

Part 2 of the discussion on NATIONAL PROTECTIONISM!

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Diceman said...

Mike, you need some show notes to go along with your shows.

Anonymous said...

Renegade should bring Dana onto the network. He doesnt belong with those kike delaney fellators over at troof moolahshabbat.

Anonymous said...

How does Stool Militia get on with White Jew Delaney? Thought they totally understood all religion or something.

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

The reason why I don't like listening to Delaney is because he is used by the Jews willingly or unwillingly to target other races and create strife.

A racially supremacist movement of any kind makes people as bad as the Jew.

A racially cohesive movement on which 99% of the country belongs to a particular race, sure. But.. you will find that the most noble races can always identify the corrupter and look past the corruption to target the source.

Reilly Dagoe said...

A "white" movement will never get anywhere swimming in a jew controlled media. Besides, that white and black stuff are jew tags. One can be racist if they are a jew. If not a jew, a racist of any jew assigned color will be crucified in mass media.

This is not pre-WWII Germany. This history of this so-called country is mostly hidden and perverted by the jew.

People need to rally around something other than a "jew assigned color". I am not for integration as the jew forced upon the population via their jew controlled politicians. Races naturally separate to a degree that they are comfortable with. People will mix and they should be free to do so; I really do not care. However, race mixing should be the exception and should be natural.

If the parasitic jew was removed from the equation, might the non-dual citizens come to some sort of agreement on how to proceed in a way that is fair to all?

I believe the NSDAP used in Germany was not designed for export. Some of those 25 points are certainly valuable enough for use, but others perhaps not. Should we also look at other resources to consider; such as the plans those 79 countries used to extract the jew and the successes and failures of such tactics? Some countries that removed the parasite had them re-infect; what happened? Can we learn anything from that?

STT45c said...

If a non-jew US Corp politician takes a bribe while in office, can we not make that a Capital Offense so we can start cleaning this mess up? Just like the jew controlled half black jew fag teleprompter reader says, we need no judge or jury if they are a threat. I think that should go both ways.

If a jew bribes,lobbyist or not, a US Corp politician, over an amount of about $10, should we not remove that parasite via one of those 40 cal hollow points? We paid for all those rounds of ammunition that is not designed for "target practice". Only idiots would use hollow points for target practice. Those billions of rounds of ammo was bought and paid for by us. They were bought to kill us. One 40 cal hollow point in the back of the head. Nothing new. Same inbred racist parasites, different Rothchild controlled Corp.

Anonymous said...

@Reilly Dagoe

"jew assigned color"

Lol. Evolution is a Jew plot. You sound like a sociologist, "race is a social construct."

If they're so big on assigning colors, why did they spend the better part of the 20th century demonizing and suppressing the idea that race is real?

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

@ Reilly Dagoe Glad to hear someone that thinks along the same lines, the white nationalist spam is strong in Mike Sledge's chat now, let's hope he comes to his senses before it's too late and he is just another Tom Metzger.

Reilly Dagoe said...

@ anon 1:45 PM

Yeah, "jew assigned color".
They tell the herd via media and education what is the proper term to refer to people with different skin tones.

Where did "black" come from? How about "African American" or "Negro"? Those terms are jammed in our minds by the jew controlled media.

I have a rather light tone to my skin and most of the herd I encounter call themselves "white" that look like myself. I do not call myself white. If I was the darkest man in Africa or America, I certainly would not refer to myself as "black". A jew is a jew. What are you, a god damn color?

Anonymous said...

Mike Sledge is clearly the leader of the movement now, especially with Charlie Goiania perpetrating the myth of the noble Indian on all of us.

XXXXXXX said...

The one thing jews fear now is we going after them physically eradicating the vermin starting with those right at the top of their jewish supremacist hierarchy. While the guns are still in our hands, figure out the opportune moment to storm the treasonous jewish supremacist controlled government agencies en masse.

Wouldn't it be great to wake up one morning, hearing the news of the death of our honorable so-and-so in government? Next day, another one bites the dust. Put up a wanted death or alive list of these officials. When will we hear Ben Bernanke or Obama stop spewing out shitty lies and start quaking in fear for his life?

I seriously doubt you could move an inch of peaceful solution through the jew-infested corrupt political system. Find out more about what needs to be done as straight as a bullet flies. http://www.subvertednation.net/

The window of opportunity is fast closing down on all of us Humanity. If jews don't confiscate guns, they will take away our sanity to use them soon enough. Either way, they want all of us dead. Kill them while we can or they will of us in a myriad ways at their leisure and for sport or like their kosher slaughter of animals. There is a reason jews call us 'cattle' goy!

Anonymous said...

Finally another sensible soldier who realizes that not only is violent revolution against the jews the only feasible solution, but its entirely what they deserve for subverting our existence. Adam Austin of subvertednation.net has it right, and the jews know it, evidenced by the banishment of his pay-pal(jew-pal) account and also his book.