February 14, 2013

Sieg Kyle Schau 2013.02.14

Sankt Valentin’s Tag. Mike is drunk somewhere, so Siegfried and Kyle get on the air in his stead.

Renegade Broadcasting

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Anonymous said...

Since November of 2012 when grizzomblogspot was at number 4.5 million Alexa rating in the world, you guys have jumped nearly 3 million friggin points to 1.8 million:


Congratulations guys ! You are now the 1.8 millionth biggest website on the planet and on the rise.

Anonymous said...

just think as we go to sleep, Finck, Delaney & Friend are plotting their next attack on US.

Anonymous said...

@ anon#1
Do it big Griz. Like a big Grizzly bear coming full steam to defend its cub, Mami is unstoppable. En avant mes enfants! On ne peut stopper l'occult anti-masonic. :DD RBG

Anonymous said...


Next time you have Prostink's little Corsican buddy Severed Niflballs on you might want to ask him why he's such a long-time, loving associate of a psychotic animal like William Finck:

"As pieced together from court testimony and government documents, Ortega had been in the jail for approximately five weeks when he began complaining of a severe headache and was taken to the Jersey City Medical Center, where he was given a prescription pain killer.

Around midnight the following day, he asked a guard for his medication.

Ortega was beaten to death "because he had the temerity to request medical attention for a headache," Assistant U.S. Attorney Aidan O'Connor said in a report to the court.

According to O'Connor, the prison's deputy warden, Raymond Murray, told Finck to send corrections officers to handle the problem. (A federal jury deadlocked on civil rights charges against Murray in April.)

Dumers and Murphy, O'Connor said, then dragged Ortega out of his cell to an elevator.

"This elevator ride," O'Connor said, "signaled the beginning of the end for Mr. Ortega."

With his screams of "Don't beat me" echoing through the prison corridors, Ortega was brought to the basement. When the door opened, Ortega, still pleading, stumbled out and fell into a pile of mattresses.

At that point, Dumers smashed him in the head with his nightstick and brought him to the main receiving desk, where Finck ordered Ortega placed in the bullpen. Other guards subsequently told of hearing the sound of someone being struck, and Ortega, dressed only in a pair of shorts, was left shivering and beaten.

When Ortega complained of the cold and begged for a blanket, Finck allegedly responded: "No, let him freeze in there."

It was at that point, O'Connor said, that Finck and Dumers decided to "shut Ortega up."

Court documents described in chilling detail what happened next. Carrying a 24- inch fiberglass baton, Finck ordered Murphy and another officer, Richard Maroldi, to stand watch as he and Dumers entered the bullpen.

Finck knocked Ortega onto a concrete bench and began pounding the victim's back with his nightstick "with all his power."

Dumers then punched Ortega in the throat, crushing his larynx.

As Ortega collapsed on the floor, choking and gasping for air, Finck kicked him in the chest, fracturing his sternum.

Leaving the battered victim gasping for breath, the two men walked out of the bullpen, calmly put the nightstick away, and went about their business for the remainder of the shift.

Ortega, now only partially conscious, his body covered with welts and bruises, was transferred to another bullpen, where he begged another inmate to rub his head and cried for someone to "Call my mother, they beat me up."

When one of the other prison guards told Finck that Ortega needed to go to the hospital, Finck allegedly replied: "F him, let him die," and then warned the guard, "Keep your mouth shut or else."

Ortega was left without care for the entire day. It was only when another officer saw him that evening, lying on the floor writhing in pain, his lips caked with blood, that Ortega was ordered to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage, a fractured sternum and a fractured larynx. He died March 11."


Star-Ledger, The (Newark, NJ)

Prison term for guards caps quest for justice

Published: October 25, 1996

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:21

What the fuck are you talking about you quiche-stuffin' Gerard-Depardieu-humping, incomprehensible retard ?