February 15, 2013

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.02.15

Completion of Panama City discussion, along with a general rant and phone calls.

Show Notes

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Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

You may know me through my awesome writings and ultra superior persona as portrayed by myself through my now defunct website.

As you may know, I have claimed to be White. I offered no actual proof of that, of course - because I live in Canuckistan.

I am not really White. I am “middle eastern”. Infer what you will.

I got involved in the “troof” movement in order to try to steer the debate. You see, one of us long ago taught that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

In that spirit, I began a series on exposing the holocaust for what it is. In doing so, I was able to garner a lot of support.

My handlers and racial brethren were ok with me doing this because I have not uncovered anything new that is not available freely on the internet through other sources. Basically, all I did was perform a re-write.

My people fully understand that the days of the grand holy hoax are indeed numbered. So, we had to come up with a strategy that would further our goals amid the new landscape where the influence of the holy hoax is diminishing.

This is why I appeared on-scene in the first place.

I posed as someone of European descent who was strongly pro-European. I think I talked a pretty good game.

Bottom line, I sought to elevate non-Whites to universal victim status in the minds of White people so that they would not take Affirmative Action in removing them from their body politic. I used a lot of imagery of dead Palestinian kids - but, you’ll notice that I never wrote anything about White victims. Nope. That kind of thing is off limits because it doesn’t fit my narrative.

Being non-White myself, I took personal offense to any statements mocking or ridiculing non-Whites. Even though non-Whites have a very long track record of low performance - I sought to cast them in a light of “equality”. You see, the notion of “equality” among races is the bedrock upon which communism is based. And as you know, communism is a system where all labor and the fruits derived from all labor belong to the jewish ruling class.

Some of you have seen through my bullshit. So, I have pretended that my lock-out from my jew propaganda website was my idea. When, in fact - I was only locked out when the host realized what I was up to.

In short, I have decided attempt to re-cast the truth of my lock-out and realize that I cannot maintain my credibility of criticizing Judaism and Zionism if I associate with people who adhere to a belief system that attempts to mimic Jewish separatism by implementing strict controls on who can be a member of the White community.

See how that works?

How many of you are falling for it? LOL

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that I was forced out to begin with. But how many of you will realize this? Not many, I hope. In fact I hold you in such low esteem that I expect some of you will never “get it”. Makes me laugh to think about it.

You people who ask the question “Is it good for White People and the future of White Children” want to place us in the furthest of fringes and completely discredit us with over-the-top extremist rhetoric. Part of my job is to associate your self-defense instincts with “extremist rhetoric”.

I say you need to be more “mainstream” and hold hands with non-Whites. If you’re a White woman - be sure to have a non-White baby. We need to be more like the rest of the world.

This is my schitck: “Anyone who supports White self determination and the preservation of their White Western culture only intends to discredit us as lunatics and maniacs who want to exterminate everybody on earth who isn’t White. They also fiercely propagate the cartoonish line that “every single Jew on earth is genetically evil and must be eliminated,” an outrageous outlook that cannot be demonstrated to be true, and certainly doesn’t stand up to any serious analysis of evil on this planet.”

Pretty good, don’t you think? I just hope you guys don’t’ track me down.
In closing, I hope that you will visit my new website and donate money to me.

But even more importantly - you really need to reject the idea that White people need to protect themselves. That is dangerous

rhetoric to people like me and those I represent.

---You know who I am.

Anonymous said...


I am the dot-head who is owning the local mini-mart. I do not like this discussion that you are having. I come here to be merchant. I buy mini-mart with extra low interest loan and grant from your jew government. Your jew government want me here.

You must not talk among yourselves. I think this should be illegal. In Pakistan, where I come from – it is illegal for 5 or more to congregate or to discuss anything at all. I think this is good and should be made into law here as well.

It is my dream to open the flood gates of immigration into your country – so that if will then be the country of my people and not yours.

My people are unable to create anything good on our own. That is why we come here. Yes, as more of us come here we will own all the mini-marts. There will be a mini-mart on every single corner everywhere. That will be the new national industry. Mini-marts everywhere. That is my dream.

Once we have enough political power, we will stop the murder and consumption of the sacred cow. You cow murderers are barbarians. We will try to civilize you – but we need more people from my country to come here in order to civilize you.
I do not like you people talking about your freedom. This is a bad thing. Please stop it.

Please understand that I hate you and my people hate you – but you can come to my mini-mart and buy things. That is ok.

For now.

Anonymous said...


WHat the fuck is your point?
Do you pretand to be ZCF?
What the fuck are you trying to prove?

Other ANON@ 12 53 pm
I would fuck your mother and sister only if i was not afraid of ilneses that you cary trough your jewish incest traditions!
Tell your mama and sister that i am very sory and please find someone else to please their morbid needs and wishes!
Again, i am very sory!

Maybe you should practice your old incest traditions and please them your self,or are they allready bored with that incest practise!?

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:22 "You know who I am."

Yup, we know who you are. You're one of those CI trolls who works with psychopathic murderer Finck and ADLaney.

Hee-haw, praise Yahweh!!

And why don't you go back where you belong, with the rest of your talking donkey cult at http://forum.christogenea.org/

Anonymous said...

I warned you last night that finck, delaney & friend were plotting against us late into the night: Sieg Kyle Schau 2013.02.14 comments.

we have sources in their camps b/c they have to have a few token aryans.

J3133 said...

rockclimber left a message on my site regarding the Delaney crap. I'm re-posting it here.


Thank you for the reply.

I had to Google who JAM is. John Alan Martinson II.

I read the comments over at http://grizzom.blogspot.com/2013/02/mike-delaneys-prothink-radio-show-feb.html

The picture is a bit more clear to me now.

Why hasn't someone sat down and spelled it all out? Is everyone so concerned with appearing to be "divisive"?

I've seen this same bullshit from liberals and Jews I've tried to work with in the past. Always claiming victimhood. Always fucking over other people and then when you call them out for it, YOU'RE supposed to be the bad guy.

This community should be better than that. We should band together and say: We don't want you fake motherfuckers anymore. You're OUT. And everyone should get rid of them in their sidebars and stop associating with them. It's the only way.

J3133 said...

I'm re-posting MY reply to rockclimber, I mean.

J3133 said...

Though there IS a danger in going overboard, becoming as fickle and childish as our enemies. It's a fine line, but I will walk it.

Yahwehsballs said...

Yahweh blessed Bill Finck with the love to murder a handcuffed prisoner who asked for a blanket. Yahweh blessed Mike ADLaney with the honesty to steal ZCF's website and work. Yahweh blessed John Friend with the cunning to befriend ZCF "borrow" his writings then post it on his stolen website. Do you see the wonders of what Yahweh can do ? Do you feel the love, honesty and compassion of Yahweh ? Yahweh the filthy hook nosed rat faced kike in the sky and the dirty plague from the desert semitic religion of Christianity is a thing of Beauty. Yahweh Bless !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful broadcast, and I hope to watch the PBS broadcast about the murder of Pananamians last century, by the US military. I do hope that the woman Giuliani is trying to help for her brother, gets some donations as a result of her appearing on this show.