March 29, 2013

Lugh's Den 17 - 2013.03.29

Covering a miriad of issues this week. Current events at the network and abroad. Open topic night for callers, so feel free to bring up any topic you’d like. Kyle was on with Lugh.



Anonymous said...

Lugh is funny. He thinks that posting swastika pictures helps convert people to anti-jew pro-white thinking. The jews love nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the more the jew genocides our the population for profits, the swastika symbol is starting to look pretty sweet.

Does that symbol make you pee yourself?

Anonymous said...

Quite the opposite. It annoys the shit out of me that people seem to think they can't be pro white and anti jew without having to use this symbol. Its not even oriented the right way that our ancestors used millenia ago. If it was reversed it would actually symbolize the moon and fertility as well as the sun. But thats beside the point. I have 100x more success dialoguing with people in person about pro white and anti jew issues when hitler and the swastika are left out of the conversation. Living in the past is a tactic that the jews trained us into so they could brand us all into one demonized category. Considering israel was the result of hitler's actions and how much he catered to the jews (movie theaters, swimming pools, soccer games, etc.) I think it's highly likely that its true that he was bankrolled by jews and that he was set up as a messiah for us so we could all be branded. As for me, I wont let myself be branded and I'll continue to wake my peers up to the jews far more effectively than if I took the hitler worship route. Wars require strategy. And I'm not going to use one that has failed miserably again and again since the days of frank cohen.

Anonymous said...

Jews love nothing more than to turn real history on its head.

Read the actual statements the likes of Hitler and Himmler made about race, and compare them to the statements the likes of Churchill and Truman made about the same subject. It's very much like comparing the words of very reasonable and insightful gentlemen to the words of shameless hate-mongers and thugs (that would be Churchill and Truman).

So, thank you to Kyle and company for not being afraid to celebrate what deserves to be admired, respected and learned from.

Anonymous said...

Lugh has good intentions but a terrible radio voice and even worse reading skills.He needs a co host to bounce ideas off of.I had to turn it off 1 hour in.Perhaps Lindsey could give him a hand.Lugh is not improving.Very nerve racking trying to listen.

Anonymous said...

Lugh's strength is not voice radio. Lugh probably does need dialog with another to draw more interest. Yes. Anyway, he held the show together perhaps not feeling his best by tossing on some music to break it up.

The best of Lugh on radio, on my hunch, would be for him to just field calls on just about anything. Somewhat rapid fire if the calls stack up. This would be the freshest of all, and I believe it would show Lugh to be quite knowledgeable in a broad sense. I have given up sports crap years ago, but fielding phone calls on open topics is pretty wild and chancy. Seems like you would be the batter waiting from a pitch from a pitcher you never seen before; no clue as to his abilities or type of pitch. There is always a bit of drama in fielding calls. Anyway, Lugh was willing but I guess only two callers tried and hung up before Lugh got to them.

Hang in there Lugh.

(re-visit SH & moon!)

Anonymous said...

Time after time Lugh is ill prepared and does not have the talent to wing it.The compulsive throat clearing seems like a manifestation of his anxiety as a result of not having his show organized.Thank god for music breaks,eh Lugh ? You should not have a radio show.

Lugh said...

Trolls, ahoy!
I am rather new at this, so when you compare me to other hosts on the network who have been doing this for years obviously I'm not going to be as good at it.
I tried a different format tonight asking for people to call in but with the holiday I guess there weren't too many around.
I was interested in people who criticize us in the chat calling in and airing their grievances on air but no one seems to take the bait. As the commenter earlier mentioned I do in fact have a wide range of knowledge and work well if someone is shooting questions off of me so that's another reason why I tried a call-in format for tonight.
I've considered the co-host option and may look into it. I was going to address these issues on the show tonight, as it was brought to my attention in an email.
Though it's funny I've never gotten this much attention on these issues previously.
With regards to the symbolism, clearly you're not going to "red pill" Joe Schlub about National Socialism right off the bat. We like using it because we want to take it back from the corruption and our audience knows better. The Frank Cohen thing was only a publicity stunt.. I don't know why people keep harking back to it.

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't be so self conscious. nobody is listening to you, you're talking to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Filthy trolls! Clearly they just love listening to you man! They must also love your voice. Bunch of scum. Ignore them, Lugh. They are nothing but cowards anyway.

Diceman said...

I think you will be halfway there with a good quality microphone (might have to spend a hundred or two) that will allow you to be clearly heard.
Your voice is muffled and it requires extra effort for the listener to understand what you are saying. There may possibly be bandwidth issues as well, perhaps you are only getting through at a low sample rate or bit rate.

People may give you flak but I'm bet that they wouldn't be able to do a better job themselves.

Pas said...

Exellent show!

Thanks Lugh, I've been listening to your shows for a while and you're definitely getting better at it.
Keep up the good work and never mind about those whining know-it-alls.

Best regards from Holland.

Anonymous said...

You guys claim to be proponents of real history yet you disregard the transfer agreements between Hitler and the Zionists. Dunkirk. His luxurious camps for the jews. The training of jews in the camps for fighting arabs in palestine. And the disgusting amount of jews he let climb the ranks of his army. Despite all this and other details you worship, yes worship is the right word, him similarly to jewsus.

Anonymous said...

some constructive criticism

Ambiguity in research and content based radio will drive any new listener away. If you are going to post swastikas or national socialist imagery as your cover art then you might want to take some time to explain the real meaning of the symbol and why it is not offensive like the MSM constantly portrays it to be. If your goal is to speak to the proverbial choir and don't really care about bringing new people into the national protectionist movement then don't bother.

Try and be more redundant. The majority of your listeners won't mind if you re-explain key points from show to show, again for new listeners.

Best regards and great content.

Anonymous said...

I know Lugh has a lot of information but presenting it cohesively is an art that requires practice.Make bullet points instead of reading full texts.Have your notes ready that contain more info. than you could possibly cover.That way you won't come up short.You can do it Lugh but you obviously cannot depend on callers.Most here at Mamis are listening to the rebroadcast.The new MIC COULD ALSO BE A HELP.IF YOU NEED DOLLARS FOR THE MIC,ANNOUNCE IT.

zapoper said...

Ditto @ what anon 10:59 wrote.

Lugh said...

Mic seems to be the issue. This one was about 50$, I thought I got a good deal but it seems to be worse then my last one. I'll shop around over the next bit and see what I can find.

Anonymous said...

Your getting better lugh, I rather hear your voice than the chainsaw alex jonestein or Mark the jew Levin! lol

Anonymous said...

You're mic's ok, just work on in.