Friday, March 22, 2013

Reconstructions Special Report with Mike Sledge 2013.03.22


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Anonymous said...

no question about it, nazi symbology and ideology is the way forward. :fucktard:

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:48 PM,

What is the way forward? Nostalgia for a Golden Age of America, which never existed?

Anonymous said...

Copying nazi symbols and demeanor plays right into the jew's hands. All their propaganda is geared towards that arena. Only a jew would lead you towards such a tactical failure.

Anonymous said...

Man I don't know what happened to Mike Sledge but he really pulled his chestnuts out of the fire and doubled down.

Good Stuff !


Anonymous said...

11:13 PM,

Avoiding a fair, objective and intellectually honest review of the history of National Socialist Germany plays right into the Jews' hands. Refusing to openly honor, defend and celebrate what one may find reasonable, beautiful, noble and inspiring within NS Germany's real history is to give into one's fear of the Jews and their allies.

Anonymous said...

The only skills THEY have are the same as the only skills they've ever had: CHAOS, THIEVERY and CHICANERY.

Sterling T said...

"Nazi" is jew-speak. There are two types that toss out the term: jews and the ignorant.

If the early anon comments were jews, Mike probably made them pee their pants a bit. If they were ignorant from all the jew created movies about the holyhoax, they cannot help it.

Anonymous said...

I am about halfway in to this audio, and I am with you 100% -- but if you start speaking favorably about that nazi bullshit, you can completely count me out.

Anonymous said...

Tom Metzger Interview with John de Nugent

Also was on Mike Harris:

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:45
"..but if you start speaking favorably about that nazi bullshit.."

What "nazi bullshit"? Did you pee yourself?

Kyle said...

I have a show titled The Blitzkrieg Broadcast, but to be honest, I do not know if I deserve to even wear the swastika. The people of Germany who wore and flew that symbol were great and should be remembered. I hope to one day be as determined and honorable as those warriors. Only this time we can not allow our people to be defeated. Failure is not an option. The enemy would love nothing more than to decimate and defile us all.

Go ahead and call me a "Nazi" any of you anons out there, but it will only make you sound even more like whiny Jews.

Great show, Mike. Truly inspirational.

Mystic Qabalah said...

Fantastic show Mike!! You must have been a preacher in another life because you really have a way with words and oration!

Anonymous said...

12:45 "anon" again, and I must say -- the audio from here abruptly cuts off with Mike saying "now" -- and I heard no such fatuous, naive and puerile nazi espousal. Sledge seems okay to me. I will refrain from commenting on the rest of your network, I believe I've spoken plainly enough.

Vak Attack said...

Great stuff Mike.
You keep surprising me.
I know I am not alone.
You will be attacked more.
Stay strong and focused; not too high, nor too low. This could be a long haul. Stay healthy.
Thank you for what you are doing. Kyle too!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with honoring the "Nazi" warriors, for lack of a better term. I guess we cant use their own word now? But using the same symbol that jews draw on their own synagogues and cemeteries to draw a sympathy reaction from the public is just plain retarded, I don't care how righteous you claim it to be. Go ahead, goose step through town with swastika armbands and see how long it takes for the neocon crowd to come chasing you in pickup trucks with shotguns. We're in a war here, and using elementary and stubborn tactics is suicide. We can take all the good things from 1930's Germany and apply them to our situation, just not straight up copying them. The jews would love for us to keep living in the past and repeating the same mistakes. The swastika bearing NSP in America has gotten us so far hasnt it? This is why jews like frank cohen start these "Nazi" parties so we follow in the same flawed footsteps.

But if you want to be bull headed and stubborn go ahead and fly your swastikas, just dont expect me or anyone with some foresight to join that group.

Kyle said...

I am sick of people thinking the "Nazis" were some evil, loathsome group, like Hollywood paints them to be. It was the Allies who bombed civilians in Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, as well as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Germans cared for their POWs, evidenced by 99% Allies returning home from capture. The fucking disgraceful Allies then allowed defeated Germans, including women and children, to be raped, murdered, shot, or starved after their country was "liberated". Start to comprehend history before bad-mouthing some of the most honorable people in recent history. We do not plan to use the swastika in public places, as has already been discussed, but I sure as hell am not going to pussy-foot around here, trying to be PC, so as to not offend the ignorant people who don't know what the hell they are talking about. "But if you start speaking favorably about that nazi bullshit, you can completely count me out." Well, good, we don't need the spineless and ill-informed cowards anyway. SIEG HEIL!

Anonymous said...

Great job Mike, man was that good.

Did he audio cut short or was it me though? Mike was answering some listener questions and a few were answered bu then it stopped abruptly

Anonymous said...

iirc Mike was training for the ministry at one point and is a former member of the John Birch Society.

And I mean a former member(?)

Anonymous said...

The broadcast cut off at 1hr 05 minutes.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know is why all the jew lovers in here? Go back to your wuss network oracle. Oh yeah, they are as good as gone because "We have accomplished our goals."
LOL. Thats funny.

Anonymous said...

I love the Nazi soldiers that righteously defended their people. But Ill never worship the Nazi leadership that sold out to the jews to send them to palestine instead of holding them accountable for the weimer bullshit era that they produced. Letting tens of thousands of jews into their army isn't very praise worthy either in my opinion. Also I resent the way Hitler had the brown shirt leadership that represented the common man assassinated during the night of the long knives. He chose to pander to the elite/christian industry leaders instead of the average German when he did that.

wanda said...

Nice speech... nice word play. Mike carefully leaves out any Nazi associations when he speaks... but Kyle belies all of that with his proud declaration of Hitler worship. Thanks Kyle... at least you are being straight up.

Beware to anyone taking the bait on this hook... its a set up. It can be nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Americans are never going to buy this. They're too brainwashed by the fairy tale founding of this country by masonic jews. They'll fight fascism to the death, which would be great for the jews. The only chance of success would be playing into an individualistic but also united approach that keeps the ideals of freedom that they've grown to think they've always had. has the best approach IMO. His book can wake up even the most stubborn neo con to the jews. And the neo con/right wing is our only available demographic that can be put to use.

Anonymous said...

Wanda, you think race is a social construct. Your opinion is pretty much invalid.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Jews invented socialism? Your research is really impressive.

Anonymous said...

Quote: "LOL - Jews invented socialism? Your research is really impressive."

Moses Hess created the concept of German National Socialism, yes. And, yes, socialism is largely a jewish construct -- and totally controlled by them since the 19th century, at least.

Anonymous said...

20th century, make that.

S. Butler said...

re Wanda:
"Nice speech... nice word play. Mike carefully leaves out any Nazi associations when he speaks... but Kyle belies all of that with his proud declaration of Hitler worship. Thanks Kyle... at least you are being straight up."

How could you, and why would you, proclaim what Mike is omitting? Do you read minds? Did you see a draft of what he was going to read and noticed the parts he "omitted"? He "carefully" did this? Really? And with the same fragmented sentence you proclaim Kyle declares "Hitler worship"? I have said it before and I will say it again, the only sort of folks that pull that "Hitler worship" bullshit out of their asses when someone states a fact about the man is probably a jew. In Wanda's case, one doesn't even have to go as far as state a fact or truth about the man; she is a fucking mind reading jewess! I challenge anyone to read what Klye wrote and decypher any sort of "worship for Hitler". Hitler was an honorable man. To a normal non-brainwashed sort, that statement is just a simple fact or opinion; to a jew, it is "worship", right Wanda?

Thank you Wanda, at least you are proving to be a straight up jewess, or perhaps a straight up wanna be jewess.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was so honorable and anti-jew that he let them in his army by the tens of thousands and sent them to "the holy land". How are so sure that you arent the one that's brainwashed into believing that Hitler is an infallible demi god? Jews love to create straw men that they can beat up to brand their followers and make them easier to dismiss as lunatics, much more so than if those followers spoke for themselves and didnt use the ghost of a straw man to justify their positions.

zapoper said...

To all of you who were wondering why the show ended abruptly.

Quote from Mike: " I accidentally pushed the mute button at the end , but didn't realize til later. Anyway, that is basically all of it so I just let it go out anyway, I did not have time to fix it."

Anonymous said...

Mike sounds like Alex Jones reading off cue cards. Except he's for the "jew wise" crowd, but he barely even mentions them at all. He just repeats abstract ideals. We need to be rising up and assassinating criminal jews, not pussy footing around in a censored internet nazi land.

Anonymous said...

Lead the way hotshot.

Anonymous said...

And just where are all of these serious Revisionists (who respect and admire Hitler and NS Germany, and who think that we could learn a few important things from the real history of The Third Reich) who are advocating that we should be goose stepping, waving Swastikas and displaying portraits of Unkle Adolf all over the place?

Oh. That's right. They're nowhere.

As if we need any other reminders that the "truth movement" may very well deserve to fail, here go the patriotards, yet again, setting up straw men to make some point about something or other.

Anonymous said...


You're one of the good guys. Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

The only straw man in the jew wise movement is Hitler. The jews use his name to control the public's emotions towards anything pro white or anti jew. We need to break the mold of repeating things that happened 70 years ago.

I saw someone mention before. And they're right, the solution is at that site. Read his BANNED book, and pass it out. You can wake up anyone with it. Once enough of us know who the enemy is. ALL JEWS. We can deal with them accordingly. Preferably death to all of them for their crimes against humanity for the past 5,000 years. And that way we wont have to deal 111th exile. with a

Anonymous said...

*deal with a 111th exile

Anonymous said...

Denugent is a fucktard, who blamed everyone to be psychopaths but clearlty only psychopath is himself, that nutty wife beating.

Anonymous said...

Kyle claims they arent going to use swastikas, yet look at the picture they used for this broadcast. What a crock of counterproductive shit. The National Socialist Party in America (started by Jews) hasnt gotten anywhere in the 50 years of their existence. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be because they use tainted imagery and rhetoric to get their point across? Id say so. No substantial amount of Americans would join anything with a swastika. Thats just fact. You can expose the jew and have a pro-white agenda without having to use tainted symbols. Its just naivety or jewishness in this movement that keeps us from realizing our flawed tactics.

Anonymous said...

Wow, jews are really panicking, as seen in these reactions of JIDL anonfucks.

Using words like "nazi" or "jews invented" gived them away. Jews havn't invented anything in their lives, all they can do is copy and suck off.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that Mike was typical "troofer" just a year ago, doing titty fridays with rectal and so on.

Now he's talking like he has been nationalist his whole life.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone that can think critically and complete a sentence is a jew. By the way its "JIDF" not "JIDL". Use the right terminology if youre gonna accuse someone of being a kike demon.

And I'd disagree, the jews invented Christianity, Islam, Communsim, fractional reserve banking, and a fuck ton of other bullshit that controls our world today. But you're right in one sense, they can't invent anything physical or useful for real humans.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say, kike.

Lugh said...

The Frank Collin thing was a 12 person publicity stunt to try to force new legislation which they always do.
They just needed something to put on the news. The most successful anti Jew organizations have always used NS and pagan philosophy and symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Good advice, Anon 6:58 PM. We should relinquish whatever dignity and humanity we have, fervently support SubvertedNation, and become psychopaths in order to free ourselves of Jewish power.

After all, Hitler and the National Socialists were wimps and traitors for not doing all those wicked things that they are accused of doing- things that a typical Jewmerican thug would fantasize about.

Anonymous said...

For those who appear to believe that any kind of Socialism is bad:

Why has nearly every single "Socialist" country of Europe out-performed America in almost every important regard (education, social mobility, health, life expectancy, happiness, productivity per worker, etc.) over the last several decades, especially before the consolidation of the EU?

Anonymous said...

"Mike sounds like Alex Jones reading off cue cards. Except he's for the "jew wise" crowd, but he barely even mentions them at all. He just repeats abstract ideals. We need to be rising up and assassinating criminal jews, not pussy footing around in a censored internet nazi land."

Yep. That's probably all there is left to do. (not that anyone should directly advocate criminal activity online) - but yeah... Radio show heroes are under some illusion that they mean something. ~200 listeners compared to 300 million in the US, lol. Even AJ does nothing with millions.

The truth will out said...

I'm still waiting for all those anti-Christ movements that demand mobilisation of the mixed multicultural advocates to fight the juwes while focussing their attack only on Christians...

Of course the fact they are soulless communist Marxist products of our jew corrupted education systems who think in material terms set by the juden (from MTV to jewish school professors) who have no sense of spirit or soul and are mostly pre-occupied with defaming Jesus and begging for us to hide the Swastika et al and still call Germans 'nazis' (which is like calling the Vietnamese 'gooks').

The eternal symbol of the Sun that all religions (Hinduism, Buddhism etc) and peoples have utilised over the millennia.

Anglo Saxon Fylfot Brooch
6th Century CE. Norfolk, England

White people need unity, not little Christ hating keyboard warriors devoid of all respect for anything but their own selfish false sense of entitlement and "here and now" demands.

Fuck off and form you own gang of underclass ghetto jew-rats, your valueless based lack of principles married with an inherent lack of moral compass centring should serve you well on your road to doing the juwes work for them oh wise young Chekists.

Great show Mike, focussed and hitting the mark bang on the button.
I hope you can do some more comedy shows now and again, the closer to the mark you get the angrier the whiney the kike-alikes will be.

God bless all at Renegade, whatever your belief.

109 and counting, 110 coming soon

Delenda Est Judaica!

Anonymous said...

"I'm still waiting for all those anti-Christ movements..."

What are you, spastic TTWOS 8:04?
Renegade is one of those AC movements (which is their right) but if you think Christians will have any tolerance for the stuff they put out... think again. Let the pagan idolaters build their own army but don't pretend we're all on the same side.

In hoc signes vinces!

The truth will out said...

"What are you, spastic
Renegade is one of those AC movements
March 24, 2013 at 8:44 AM

Where is that stated aim written down?

It looks as though they do not refer to nor do they denigrate Christ in any way whatsoever.

This is the fundamental difference between those who are atheist/agnostic and those children of Communism Chekas who are anti-Christ.

Don't worry kid, just don't be surprised when your Chekist mentality leads you down the road of jewish servitude, white people want unity juwes like you demand disunity to serve your masters.

We are certainly not on your side, which is why the Russians kept fighting you jew-tool Chekas for decades while massively out-gunned and ultimately threw you out.

The equation is simple, atheism is compatible with white nationalism, being of faith or not is irrelevant, however your anti-Christic tendencies will mark you out as jewish enemies within and you will be culled with the rest of the anti-white traitors.

Being Pagan has nothing to do with hating Christ, only juwes hate Christ.

Delenda Est Judaica!

Anonymous said...

Socialism simply means that people are united under same value system and work together for the same goal.

It can be prosperity of nation or some other system, like internetional socialim like marxists used.

Cowboy-democracy and "rugged individualism" doesn't work for everybody.

Lugh said...

The Jews hate whites. Christianity has been their greatest tool.
There is a concerted effort to keep the anti-jew movement christian.
For example, the "Jesus is boiling in poop" stuff.. that's talking about Balaam (who is the guy who owned the talking donkey by the way). anti-jew christian zealots just say this is code for jesus with no evidence.
Melchizedek is said to be the power behind Christ and he was the first Jewish priest.
Do you think the Jews could have waltzed into pagan Germania or the British Isles and got away with their shit there?
The only thing keeping the Jews propped up now are American Christian Zionists..
Ultimately, they're the problem. They're the ones watching the TV, buying the products, using the banks and all the while think it's the best thing in the world and that the Judenrat is God's Chosen People.
I'm not going to speak for the network, but I believe our stance is that we are willing to work with Christians- especially ones who are rational people. My personal stance is that it's a big problem.. and a few others on the host share that view and others are more lenient.
Some denominations are better then others in different ways.. the Catholics are very traditionalists and generally not as fervent, the Lutherans are usually good on the Jewish issue (people often cite that NSDAP Germany was "Christian" because he didn't close churches of those 2 denominations but that hardly proves anything.. plus if he did the foreign press would eat him alive).. the mega-church ultra zionists and the hardcore CI folks are very difficult to work with and should be treated with caution. And so on and so on. It's a big tricky issue. I see someone who identifies as a Pagan, Cosmotheologean (Peirce's relgion, but there are millions who identify with it without knowing themselves.. ), real Gnostics, non metrosatanist satanists, or a non Marxist Atheist as someone passing a certain litmus test of someone I can trust in warbond.
I usually find the Christian conspiracy people to be the ones who are the first to believe in UFOs, Fukushima stuff, Illuminati bloodlines, Ed Chiarini, hologram planes.. etc etc.. and that's a problem.
Everyone is welcome to listen, however.. and while we won't cater to certain things, there's something there for everyone.

The truth will out said...

I'd never heard of or met a Christian zionist until I visited America, in the 90's there has been a total overthrow of the church with the vatican II council.

Then again no one in america has ever voted anything but for Zionism for the past 70 years.

There has been nothing Christian about subverted America post 1950, so who do you blame for that?
I blame juwes, the decline of Christianity is also a factor, whether you like that truth or not.

A corruption of a system is precisely that a corruption.

My example of a not so dumb goy Bishop Richard Williamson.
The only people unable to find common ground with this man is a jew.

"(people often cite that NSDAP Germany was "Christian" because he didn't close churches of those 2 denominations but that hardly proves anything"

It's merely testimony that it wasn't anti-Christ.

The juwes infiltrated and subverted all kinds of societies throughout the ages, only Christianity was for its time a unifying factor in bringing together peoples to oppose Judaism.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, there is only Judaism behind every anti-Christ agenda.

I know people of various denominations covering a range of faiths, the only anti-Christic people I know are Marxists, Communists and the unapologetic juwes.

It's of no concern to me what God inspires one, if any at all.

My sole aim is the removal of the jew.

There is just simply no place for having Chekas amongst us.


Delenda Est Judaica!

The truth will out said...

Comma intended after " in the 90's,"

Context is everything, but alas no edit feature.

IHS said...

Keep making yourself look like a fool. Lugh just made it clear he's an AC (which I at least respect him for because he's not trying to 'big tent' his views) but these guys call JC the 'dead kike on a stick' so be careful who you advocate for.

If you think jews can be taken down by some 'loose' alliance of white nationalists with a variety of different religious views, you must be insane. Even the Christian-zios whom I hate, are far too formidable to take on while claiming atheism or paganism.

And don't quote Bishop Williamson. You sound like a nominal 'pussy' Catholic anyway and people like you aren't needed in the Church.


Anonymous said...

Jewsus is a kike. Read the first lines of Matthew. He's a circumcised decendant of Abraham the liar and whore monger. And he is "on a stick" if you pondrr on the fact that Christians have been doing all the leg work for the jews for the past 2,000 years.

The truth will out said...

"Keep making yourself look like a fool."
that i must be doing by using reason and logic to apply the point i make that being anti-Christic is a tool of the jew.

"Lugh just made it clear he's an AC"
He may well be, I can't say that he makes it clear, he certainly has problems with the church, and who wouldn't having had to listen to the juwes version of history the past 100 years.
You do realise that the rest of the world outside of America doesn't understand the various brands of Christianity to have come out of there either.

"And don't quote Bishop Williamson."
Why is that? Because someone like you tells me?

"You sound like a nominal 'pussy' Catholic anyway and people like you aren't needed in the Church."
Not only illogical but as far from the truth as your all round twisted reasoning applied here shows.
You also sound big and tough, I reckon you sound like Woody Allen in the flesh with a conk twice as large.

You understand nothing, haven't the intellectual honesty to examine just who profits most from your Chekist anti-Christ philosophy.
You roundly abuse instead of attempting to explain yourself at all, you sound like a kike, and your frothing anger towards Christ indicates as such.

You don't have to be religious to fight the juden, you certainly have to understand what makes a jew tick to have any effect at all.
Your first and foremost enemy is Christ, then I must repeat, then you are as much my enemy as the jew.

Like I said, I mix with all kinds of people and have no issue with any faith or indeed the faithless. All I'm stating here is that an anti-Christ is a jew-led fool, they will be treated as though they are juwes when the time comes.

Delenda Est judaica!

88 / XIV

Lugh said...

Christianity is 100% incapable of defeating Judaism. It never came close and never will.
Most Christians are just that because it's fashionable and the "true believers" are too insane to be of value. Zealots are the most dangerous people around.
Most don't really give a fuck about it and would shrug it off and adopt something new if a better alternative was out there.

The truth will out said...

"Christianity is 100% incapable of defeating Judaism. It never came close and never will."
I don't call 109 times in the past a failure.

"Most Christians are just that because it's fashionable and the "true believers" are too insane to be of value."
Sorry that makes no sense

"Zealots are the most dangerous people around."

"Most don't really give a fuck about it and would shrug it off and adopt something new if a better alternative was out there."

Then why aren't you indifferent to it or ambivalent?

Christianity isn't the problem, after vatican II, you have never observed true Christianity only in books that juwes permit you to read and TV shows/Hollywood movies they make.

In case you haven't yet noticed, I haven't thumped the tub for Christianity in any of my posts, all I point out is that spouting anti-Christic rhetoric is something I've heard only juwes do up till the last couple of years, they've had 2,000 years of it, what compels you to take up their mantle?

My enemy is jewry, others seem to hate Christ almost as much as the juwes do.
I know precisely why that is, why don't you?

I'm not the one telling anyone to follow any religion or belief, I only am wary of anyone that hates Christ equally as much as the jew does.

Keep on fighting Jewry and let's find some peace in our time.

Delenda est Judaica!

Anonymous said...

Christianity is a program of the jews. Its a jewish religion, face facts. They need the Christian Zionists to back them up in their world hegemony, but at the same time they cant let it get TOO big because it does unite people, albeit in an ideolgy with no basis in reality. Jews are anti christian in the sense that they cant let their cauldron overboil and have more competitors for their resources. But theyre pro christian in the sense that they dont want white people to unite in a religion that doesnt have the back door "jews are gods chosen people" which has saves them from being exterminated 109 times.

Anonymous said...

Oy Vey anon 1:37

Anonymous said...

TTWO I tried to warn you. There's no alliances to be made here... and if you're calling me a kike with my signature IHS... well you best do some more reading.

You're either with us or you're with the atheists and whatever else.

In Hoc Singo

Anonymous said...

Lugh as youngest of the brady's bunch has been clearly a victim of "no child left behind" policy. Be nice to him.

Anonymous said...

TTWO: another thing, you're quoting VaticanII as the problem and then say things like this "Like I said, I mix with all kinds of people and have no issue with any faith or indeed the faithless."

Do you even know why V2 happened? Because of lax ppl like you who thinks it's ok to accept everybody's beliefs like they're equal. At least these Pagans and Muslims stand by their beliefs... you're just floating around saying 'please don't attack Jesus'. You're lukewarm and you know what happens to them.

Meanwhile, I'll be helping restore Christ's true Church and cleanse it of 'concillarists' like you.

In Hoc Signo

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:42, you're obviously a shitbrick incapable of critical thought if you can't see the dualism in judeo-christianity. Keep worshiping your non existent kike ghost. Christians are so fucking stupid. Jewsus is copied from 20 other "pagan" sun gods. Grow a pair of balls and learn to face nature and the universe without your kike ghost security blanket.

Anonymous said...

The Christian cross is actually a sword. It symbolizes the fact that the Christians have conquered the world in the name of the jew god. Congratulations righteous ones.

The truth will out said...

"Do you even know why V2 happened? Because of lax ppl like you who thinks it's ok to accept everybody's beliefs like they're equal."

V2 happened only because of the holocaust, aided and abetted by their protecting big brother America, they helped the juwes overthrow the church.

So a bunch of juwes faked converting to Christianity, changed the rules and way the church functioned and followed was the jew worship and paedophilia, each one of the jewish converts that changed the church in V2 all converted back to judaism before dying. Every single one.
It's not for the likes of me to stay silent in the face of such treachery.

I assure you, I haven't and ever would sanction the dismantling of the church to appease a bunch of scheming lying juwes.

I can only presume your one of the atheist [newspeak for anti-Christ] kiddies here pretending to be CI, the evidence is in your "you're just floating around saying 'please don't attack Jesus'. You're lukewarm and you know what happens to them."
There's nothing lukewarm about me, my beliefs or my efforts, I simply couldn't give a fuck what other people believe, as long as they don't do the juwes work and defame Christ.
Only juwes relish in the besmirching of Christ's name.

For a simplistic argument, for simple people that obsess about hating Christians more than the juwes.
Anyone that can make the juwes hate them that much over 2,000 has got to have been a serious thorn in their side.
If no one can recognise that single fact then they deserve to be slain by the juden.

I observe the great words and work of Jesus, and recognise the role the church has/had in guiding the gullible goyim away from the evil that judaism brings, I however follow no man made church.

There is nothing incompatible with my own values and life that makes me an enemy of any Christian.

I understand your comedy persona and its aim, only you don't understand how I see through it all, only the kike would seek division.
Besides you appear to only understand Christianity as though you read it from an Americanised 'Ladybird book of Jesus', written and produced by a jew and the odd assorted documentaries on the Disney-berg channels.

Anonymous said...

so the dark ages were awesome then?

see? christians are completely uselss

Anonymous said...

"Dark ages" is simply slant word of jacobine revolutionary terrorists of the French Revolution, like "nazi" is today.

You need to educate yourself about true history, read books, older then better.

Anonymous said...

"the truth will out", we understand your fanatical devotion to your Jewish cult. You don't have to keep repeating the same things over and over again.

And yes, I am anti-Christ. I oppose all Jewish things, especially mythical Jewish Messianic preachers such as "Jesus of Nazareth".

You should oppose Jewish things too, if you claim to be anti-Jewish. But of course, you're not really anti-Jewish, since you worship a mythical Jewish preacher and practice a Jewish Messianic religion.

Anonymous said...

For a simplistic argument, for simple people that obsess about hating Christians more than the juwes.
Anyone that can make the juwes hate them that much over 2,000 has got to have been a serious thorn in their side.

Jews don't hate Christianity. They ridicule it and laugh at it, because it's a dumbed down bastardized version of Judaism that was created for low IQ goyim. The Jews knows this, and that's why they mock Christianity. Christians are dupes of the Jews and do their bidding, and the Jews very well know this.

And no matter how much Jews mock and ridicule Christians and their ludicrous beliefs, Christians just keep on loving and worshiping Jews. It's obvious that Christianity is a slave religion that Jews created in order to dominate low IQ goyim.

Anonymous said...

I observe the great words and work of Jesus,

Well then, you should love Judaism, since all the teachings of Jesus are directly paralleled in the Torah and the Talmud, and the deeds of Jesus are just copied from stories in the Tanakh.

Anonymous said...

I however follow no man made church.

Of course you don't, because you know that if you dared to preach your anti-Semitic views in any Christian church, you would be physically thrown out and would be lucky if you didn't get your ass beat.

Anonymous said...

only the kike would seek division.

I agree. That's why Jesus the Kike constantly preached division during his ministry:

Anonymous said...

Jewsus is copied from 20 other "pagan" sun gods.

That's not really true. The "Jesus Christ" figure is copied from various Jewish Old Testament characters, mostly Elijah and Elisha. Almost 100% of the Jesus story is copied from stories in the Jewish Old Testament. I can post the proof of this if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Youre definetely right that the suicidal teachings and bad advice that jewsus spewed were straight out of the talmud and torah. But the holidays and stories such as his birth and resurrection are astrological allegories taken from pre-christian myths to make christianity more appealing to the pagan goys. I think it would benefit all of us sentient beings here if you posted the old testament connections.

Anonymous said...

Evidence that Jesus is a Myth, Part 1: The Elijah/Elisha Connection

Anonymous said...

Evidence that Jesus is a Myth, Part 2: Likely Old Testament Sources

Anonymous said...

Evidence that Jesus is a Myth, Part 3: Indisputable Old Testament Sources

Anonymous said...

Great links. The jews are masterful plagurists and propagandists, you gotta give em that.

Anonymous said...

Yep, they really are.

But in this case, Jews were just plagiarizing their own book, for the most part.