March 02, 2013

Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager March 2, 2013

Deception is Rampant from the Art World to the News World

 Carolyn shines the spotlight on the critics of artist and “Holocaust” sceptic/researcher Charles Krafft. After an “expose” in a Seattle “gay lifestyle” magazine called him a White Nationalist and possible Holocaust Denier, others repeated the story, including the Huffington Post. A couple named Phil Campbell and Emily Hall (he writes for HuffPost and she for The Stranger) are scrutinized for their bizarre views that appear to be typical of the Ultra-Left.

In the second hour, Carolyn is joined by Harlan Schulke to discuss the latest in the Sandy Hook deception and why so many are satisfied  to accept the official story. Discussed is:
  • The proven photo-shopping of Adam Lanza’s face, especially the eyes and chin [Above photo is the real, unretouched Adam];
  •  Natalie Hammond as a witness to the shooter is demolished by changing the story – but how could a woman hold the door against a 20-year-0ld man with guns;
  • Mislabeling of TV network news footage is a common occurrence;
  • Lying Jewish professor known as “Doctor of Evil”  claims Lanza was  “much more disturbed” than infamous Wisconsin murderer Jeffrey Dahmer!
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Anonymous said...

Uh oh. Yeagerstein's unintelligable call boys are doing some damage control over at truth militia. They're desperate to find a way to camoflage their intense fellating of CI(jew) donkey dick.

InternetNaziTard said...

They're not even CI, Bill Finck is a murdering kike and Kike Jewlaney, Andre The Nigger and company are felons. It's a sad freak show. Carolyn Yenta likes to get gang banged by a bunch of hebes. Tanstafflberg has a jew baby but whines about jews. This seems to be a familiar pattern among the Jewther crowd. It's all a complete fucking joke.

X. Cons said...

Carolyn's judge of character needs to be examined. I know she loves "white" but damn, CI? Delaney? Andre? Finck? Unreal.

I really always thought she was way above those sorts. Swimming with that little school is bottom feeding; catfish and carp world.

Is this her new path. She has really grown, eh?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn had Kike ADLaney as guest one show in Dec (2 months before ADLaney kikejacked ZCF's site)... funny coz they said some disparaging words about TMR.. and recently Rich & Keef have been publicly tossing ADLaney's salad in their shows- listen to the first 16 mins of this recent Scorpio show for some select clips,

^ what manly boy-men, the way they bravely hung up on that Patti-bitch! LOL

Anonymous said...

Tanstaflberg's the biggest joke there is. He writes articles about being pure white, saying south euro's are not white - meanwhile this clown is having jew kids ffs.

what a freakshow.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Carolyn had Kike ADLaney as guest one show in Dec (2 months before ADLaney kikejacked ZCF's site)"

oops it was Jan 26, around a week before the ZCF row: