March 26, 2013

The Heretics' Hour with Carolyn Yeager March 25, 2013

Time to Blow the HoloHoax Out of the Water

 The way to do it is for us to drop the fear of being “antisemitic.” The greatest fear Jews as a race have is the fear of being expelled from their host countries, especially the USA. Thus, every displeasure we have with them is labeled “antisemitic.” In addition, the last regime that attempted to expel them has to be portrayed as evil to the nth degree. This is what the HoloHoax is all about – it’s about making sure a “deportation” never happens … again. Thus, debating about gas chambers is probably (assuredly?) not the most important thing to do. Most important is to quit trying to make friends with Jews, but see them for the enemy they are. Evidence for this is overwhelming. A few examples:

Image: Recent official photo of Ken Waltzer from his new Jewish Studies Program webpage at Michigan State University  

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Anonymous said...

1st hour was boring
the end was boring, she has already discredited wiesel on her other web site & the endless lie movie by spielberg is torched by the youtube movie by the other guy such that those 2 things are just a circus now, which circles back to the dwarf part in the first hour.

IMPORTANT part was her section on Eisenhower, & you can tell because all of a sudden her energy surged on that part. CY did such an excellent job that I think she should get on her boys to cut that section out as a featured audio on their web sites.
I personally was always for Eisenhower, my father was a POW & his brother, my uncle was a KIA, but her section on Eisenhower turned me against him.

Anonymous said...

Yeager is right, WE GOT TO STOP WITH THIS "GOOD JEW" NONSENSE! The problem goes beyond Zionism.