March 27, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.03.27

Cyprus Crises Update: The Inside Look into What’s Really Going On

-The Secret World of Money book makes great reading for teenagers in your home
-Andy takes on a unplanned yet fascinating trip into history with Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, The National Banking Act and why a President will not take over the Federal Reserve Bank
-The only thing new in the world is the history we don’t know
-Jimmy Stewart’s bank run in “It’s a Wonderful Life” vs. the possible run on Cyprus banks
-Controlling the flow of dollars is the issue not that there’s “Not enough out there and they need yours”
Bback in the good old days Nullification meant something
-Texas proposing their own State Depository and wants their gold
-Will the USG convenience American’s to cash in their 401K’s for a new and improved National Savings Plan? Is the Pope Catholic?
-Mr. Gause’s forecast on the value of the Euro this summer
-Physical possession of metals is a trend and not a fad
-The Euro Bond, The Savior of Europe, remains the ultimate goal
-Russia, Brazil, India and China may just be on the verge of making the Boys hold their breath
-Africa has the goods and the BRIC Nations want them
-How the disability payments by USG have topped food stamp and welfare dollars
-Debt as a blessing advised for condo owner thinking of selling to buy gold
-Hints for finding a good coin shop in your town
-Do you want to own Bitcoins?

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone have copies of Andy's books ?

Mami said...

Ive looked around and haven't found a copy