March 06, 2013

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2013.03.06

Interview with Wanda from NY about Jewish diseases leading to psychopathy. .

Show Notes

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Anonymous said...

Yea Charlie that dumb bitch was married to a Jew for 18 years " Wanda "

She also scammed 300 hundred dollars from your listeners for her inbred retarded brother

Her views on race is a joke . Wanda says. There is know such thing as race.. Put a bush nigger up against a swede you might see a difference Wanda the Jew..

Charlie you need to smartin the fuck up and stop swallowing the multicultural Jew dick. And stop letting these jews on you show and spreading there lies.

Anonymous said...

He swallows it willingly. His job is to mix in the ChristJEWanity truth with the jew-hippie multiracial bunk.

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

When you get hasbarat hate, you know your on the right path, don't let these inbred kikes get you down Charlie! Keep up the good work =)

Anonymous said...

Not even worth the camel she rode on... lol what a joke. So promoting cultural Marxist multikult propaganda is "anti-Jew" now? Lol Charlie has truly lost it.

Anonymous said...

Sure, we're "hasbarats" for calling out charlies BS on the race issue. Why dont you go adopt a retarded black instead of having a white child to help keep us from extinction. We dont need any more race traitor genes anyway.

And believe me I get how some "supremacists"(justified by history) make us look bad at times, but atleast they have respect for their ancestors who carved the land we live on today. If we could drop the jew yahweh crap without swallowing the jew multicult propaganda we might get somewhere.

Anonymous said...

He s still pushing the race mixing crap eh? Typical.

XXXXXXX said...

In these jew-controlled times it is a safe bet to assume everyone there is, is either a jew or working for the same filth parasitical non-human species. Trust NONE, that is how rotten things are. The criteria for integrity lies with being 100% honest or at least attempting that. Regardless, the responsibility is on each of us to use critical levels of discernment to utilize the scraps of truths buried amidst the lies.

1) To push this 'race does not exist' BS is an attempt at promoting miscegenation and fatal cultural dilution.

2) Jews are NOT going to be extinct through Nature alone. We, Humans, shall exterminate these vermin through the power of Nature and Goodness. Killing jews (non-human inimical hostile parasites) is perfectly a necessary law of Nature. Anyone who hesitates this must research and understand unspeakably horrifying blood-curling jewish crimes through the ages. Look up here:

Anonymous said...

Well said wooiitt. Race exists and all races should unite against the Jewish vermin.