April 27, 2013

Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation

Israel Police Chief Yohanan Danino says he has dispatched officials to Boston, Massachusetts, where they will meet with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and other authorities...
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Anonymous said...

Here is a comment found on another news web site about the Bauman amputee -

I was a combat medic in Viet Nam. This scenario presented is not possible. Even Arterial blood, which is oxygenated, doesn't remain red like that, nor is it that shade of red, when exposed to the air. The double amputee shown here would be in such a state of shock that he would most certainly not be applying palm pressure to his leg while riding in a wheel chair, which is ludicrous in its own right. He should be unconcious at the very least. I spent four tours of duty in VN. I was wounded in the '68 Tet offensive. I have seen more trauma than most people could imagine in an entire lifetime and this is not right. Even my nightmares are more accurate than this.