April 28, 2013

Tezzer's First Improv Podcast 4/28/2013

Join our friend, and man in the North, Tezzer, as he tells it as it is with his own unique observations on his great first improv podcast.



RJ said...

nice job tezzman. cant wait for the next good rant.

delcroix said...

good stuff man
hope it's the first of many
good to see the good guy's having a non agenda say
keep on keeping on man ..and feck the begrudgers

Anonymous said...

yea, delroix did a good job finding this guy. Didn't he tell delcroix to stick his head in a microwave?

-will ferrell

Anonymous said...

nice little 22 min starter show there Tezzer. :)

As a joo-wise-truth-podcast fiend myself, ~10 year 911/etc Truth activist who expat'ed from USA to Thailand 2 years ago; I've often thought about throwing together something similar- start with a monologue, then maybe advance to having a guest, but always pre-recorded, not "live call-in". DBS/iamthewitness has been doing podcasts this way for years. Can clean up any technical fumbles or "rants" which just didn't work out right etc, then post publicly.

What I could use is sort of a step-by-step on how a guy with a windoze box & headset, goes about the recording, editing, & converting to MP3 of reasonable file size & sound quality.

Anonymous said...

"What I could use is sort of a step-by-step on how a guy with a windoze box & headset, goes about the recording, editing, & converting to MP3 of reasonable file size & sound quality."

these any good ?



foon1e said...

...& that's the beauty of any of us sharing our thoughts this way. It encourages others to think & decide for themselves what *they* can do to get good info out to those around them.
So long as we remember to pod-cast for everyone's common good;not to just satisfy our own egos.
Every person motivated to start spreading truths & info is a small victory. Well done tezzer.

Anonymous said...

Good job ,

Thanks for the advice! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Annon@11.42........http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ That's what i used for the pod and i only have the set up you describe.I'm a complete novice,but Foon1e,Delcroix,RJ,Zapoper or any of the chatroom mods /regulars will gladly help with any issues you have.So load her up and speak your mind! @ Will F.yep i did suggest Del may want to take a look in the microwave,but purely in the interests of science lol.Thanks to Del,RJ and Foon for your support/help,Whooli for the post and you guys for listening/commenting.If i can do it,anyone can so give it a go and if it imparts one idea,bit of information or seed to anyone then it's worth the efort.Tezzer3

Anonymous said...

Good job, Tezzer. Hope you do more of these. And, LOL, I'm not into executing my food either! It's nice to have people in the chatroom doing their own audios. I'd love to hear more about whether people in your area are waking up to what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda.As and when i get round to 2nd pod i'll address your question in greater depth,but as a quick summmary.......There is a rapidly increasing awareness and awakening in my area.Unfortunately most aren't connecting the dots completely back to our "jewish friends",but being partly awake makes it easier to make the final leap so i'm fairly positive about the situation.I've come accross a few old assosiates and unlikely candidates for the movement who are one the right track in recent months so that gives me hope too.