Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.04.04

Guest: Dr. Bonny L. Schumaker, President, On Wings Of Care, Inc.

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Anonymous said...

I wish Deanna would solicit UK's Brian Gerrish for a show, maybe a Spingola Special.

He's big on exposing UK's NWO subversion org "Common Purpose", and also elite pedophilia rings which keep TPTB loyal to each other.

Anonymous said...

By "TPTB" you mean the kikes, right?

Anonymous said...

uk went down long ago. why would i listen to one of those losers? i have never heard one of them say a thing about the young woman who got put in prison for speaking her mind. brits are scum.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:05 AM:
A country "going down" is a journey not a destination. Elite pedo is across the west, not just UK. Gerrish has lots to say about 'murka, the global bankster cabal etc. Spingola could draw him out further than he tends to go on djooz.

Gerrish is guest on this ~2hr Irish alt-radio show- he comes on after 10-15 mins. Overview of everything going on nowdaze.

MaryC said...

@ Anon 1:05AM
That from a member of the nation that is the biggest Jew enabler in history.

Anonymous said...

Gerrish is for the blue-rinse brigade and is in the UK which means he has NO 1st Amendment style protection and has probably figured he likes being outside jail not in. On that ground alone I am content - for now - to say no more except to note UKC does at least nudge non-usury money. But for those of you who want to peruse the claims against him try these:

mp3 version of prior video link to 10th Feb 2013 OYM Internet Radio - Show #136 -- 1h54m, ~20m blabbing before interview starts. Gerrish arguing his corner

Anonymous said...

Worth watching, things might never have come to this if UK still had guns like USA??