Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spingola Special 2013.04.09

Andrew S. McGregor talks about Sandy Hook. Weapons of Mass Destruction - see info about Hurricane Katrina and the Bush-Clinton Fund; False Flag Operations

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Anonymous said...

Complete list of Daryl Bradford Smith's brother Scott Smith's shows on the Protocols of Zion with Rick Adams:

Anonymous said...

Sott Smith was so utterly boring in this series that I prayed that Rick would take over; it was a mind-numbing exercise; I had to stop listening to it after a while because I could not stand his stammering and poor reading skills and poor preparation; I will listen to Lindsey any day rather than this guy, and I really like Rick's voice; not with this Scott Smith though. Sorry but just my opinion.

Christopher Marlowe said...

The above comments don't seem to be talking about the show with Andrew McGregor. There was a lot of information given here, but I wish that McGregor was a little more organized.

Personally, I have my doubts that anyone was killed at Sandy Hook. I find it highly improbable that EMS would not try to save every single kid that was "shot". If the shooting was real, the road would have been kept open by police; numerous ambulances would have been zipping in and out; the triage unit would actually have been used, rather than sitting vacant; and there is no way that the coroner would have left all the bodies lying in the school overnight.

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with Christopher Marlowe. DrKresearch has done a magnifict job proving that Sandy Hook was a zionist scam and exposing the perpetrators. For this reason, their site, is being constantly attacked. Please go there for the TRUTH about Sandy Hook hoax, and also about 9/11 and the Batman movie massacre.

I so appreciate Mr. McGregor telling the truth, that Israel/Mossad/Jews did 9/11,

Anonymous said...

McGregor was also mistaken to say that any teachers or adult personnel at Sandy Hook died. Dr K research exposed that in definition yesterday at NoDisinfo. NO teachers died.