Friday, April 5, 2013

The International Jew Study Hour April 4, 2013

Disraeli-British Premier, Portrays the Jews – Episode 41

This program is from THE WHITE NETWORK.

To listen to this April 4, 2013 program click on this LINK.


WHOOLI said...

Anonymous said...

cy keeps throwing up red flags, in opposition to her own goals.
if it weren't for #anonymous both in providing free technologies & blocking predatory gov controls, web sites like cy would not exist, period. yes, i guess she has the "extreme right" to be an #ingrate.

Trish T. said...

The Jew gave the herd the "white" label to use and Carolyn loves it!

It take a lot of pride to consider yourself a jew-speak white, so run with it.

White, black, red, brown & yellow. Enjoy that jew speak shit; help to solidify it by having different colors of the rainbow media networks. It's good for jew-speak.