May 29, 2013

Keith Johnson's Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast 5/28/2013

The ‘Chinese’ spy scandal is more than likely an Israeli one.




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Christopher Marlowe said...

There was a witness who ID'd OJ driving away from the crime scene, at the time of the crime. The witness said that OJ almost got into an accident in a nearby intersection.

There was a witness who sold OJ a knife of the type that was used in the murder.

Both of these witnesses sold their stories to the tabloids before the trial, and were not called to testify.

There was a guard in the jail who overheard OJ confessing to Rosie Greer. This was not allowed in at trial because it was privileged.

These three facts are easily enough to show guilt. OJ had the means, motive, and opportunity. OJ had previously beaten up Nicole. There was blood evidence in his car. OJ was missing when the chauffeur came to pick him up. OJ had a cut on his hand. The shoes. The gloves.

There is so much freaking evidence that OJ did it. We don't need to track anyone down.