June 22, 2013

AMERICAN FREE PRESS Editors Roundtable 6/20/2013

AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper's editors and reporters discuss the weeks top stories. Chris Petherick, Michael Collins Piper, Victor Thorn, Pete Papaherakles and Dave Gahary discuss the paper's top stories, including a lively discussion on Alex Jones, starting at 57:25.

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Anonymous said...

They really did not discuss Alex Jones in any real way. The person named Chris just did not want to do that and he was the moderator. I always get a big kick out of Mike Piper doing his Alex Jones voice. I live in Austin and have listened to Alex since he started out on public access TV here. I remember when he started getting more popular and he must have had coaching as to what a good radio voice is as there was a point in time where he completely changed his voice and his voice sounded all of a sudden deeper and "tougher". People have burned out on most of GCNlive shows and show hosts as they all glaringly leave out the role of Rothschild banking interests in their analyzing of U S and world events. Will have to find out how and where I can listen to AFP radio as I did not know there was such a show.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jone$ is a Zionist jew loving blowhard who is completely controlled by the jews. If you did not know this after listening to him for 6-months and continue to listen to him than you are a complete moron. Hence Chris is a fucking moron.


He works very hard at keeping people from hearing the real truth and this makes him a treasonous bastard.

And I disagree with Piper, the jews are in control. Not completely but they predominantly control it all. Go to http://thezog.info if you would like to see a glimpse of their control.