June 13, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.06.13

Today: Dr Duke begins by talking about the distinctions and diversity of mankind and how insane it is for the media and the world to talk about how wonderful bio diversity is yet try to destroy the diversity of mankind. He offers a little science for the listeners explaining about the workings of nature and how the diversity of mankind is a product of the natural world, and something that is precious and that we should maintain. He explains the origins of ethnicity and race as the same process that exists in bio diversity among the animal world, and why it is important and valuable. Then he goes into his new book which goes to press this weekend, The Secret Behind Communism, and talks about some of the astounding things in the work. Then he joins Kay and in the second half hour talks about a purpose driven life of meaning compared to life that is poisoned by the bad influences of media.

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