June 28, 2013

Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance

Australian Documentary which delves deeply into the truth about the NWO. Provides ideas on how to fight back at whatever level of effectiveness you can.
All 3 parts from Youtube listed below.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


wanda said...

Odd... these videos are from 2008. I have watched them before, but in seeing them again, i realize this is the crux of the problem. Back then it seemed like a stretch... now it is simple to see this is our reality.

Thanks for posting them. I'm going to put them on my web-site.

Christopher Marlowe said...

This guy is disinfo. He points the finger at the "illuminati", and says that people who talk about the "zionists" are missing the big picture. In other words, don't look at the people you can see, and name, and point to, and prove are part of a Jewish conspiracy. No, look at the "illuminati". Fake and ghey.

This story isn't even consistent. He says that the "illuminati" was started by Weishaupt, who was paid by the Rothschilds. He says that the Rothschilds own half of the wealth in the world. But don't look at the Jews?