June 30, 2013

Spingola Specials 2013.06.30

Guest: John Kaminski talks about The Thunderbolts Project and his article; Kaminski at The Rebel

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Signifier said...

Definitely worth listening to -- and better, to read John Kaminski's article about the Thunderbolt Project.

wanda said...

Damn... i wanted to hear the gruesome dead weight morgue story.

I love listening to Kaminski... he is one of those rare individuals who are good at both the written and spoken word.

Unknown said...

There was too much stuff about we are all one and the same rhetoric that the New agers are saying. Then the idea that we need to share with the poor is too much of the idea that after becoming successful to just give everything to the poor, no reference to race.
Then when Spingola said that America is hardly a Christian country this is wrong. America is the most Christian country and if you want to go down that path you believe that all races are our brothers and we have to love, forgive, turn our cheeks, and all the rest of that garbage the jewish messiah preached.
Fuck the jews and everything they ever wrote.
Then what Kaminski seems to be advocating is no government, anarchy, and no leadership at all.
A strong Nationalist Leader who only has the interest in his countrymen.