July 29, 2013

Globalization And Jewish Nationalism



RJ said...

if only the Lemming would pay attention to what Kaplan is saying. I'm not sure they take him serious simply because of the way he looks. If only they could look past that and pay close attention to what information he brings

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Neatly summarized. Love him or loathe him, Nathaniel does not shy away from stating the ugly truth of reality. This little vid sums things up precisely.

Anonymous said...

Kapner is a putinist. This is his great falsehood and that is why I do not trust him. I am not a racist so I accept jews that say they have converted to christians and not jews anymore or something.

For me it is important what a person says. And Kapner lies about Putin. I don't believe that he really believes in Putin and his Russia. It is so obvious that Putin is a jew or a puppet of the Lubavichers

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ruupertti...
July 29, 2013 at 10:07 AM
Ruupertti said...
Kapner is a putinist. This is his great falsehood and that is why I do not trust him. "

I used to think the reason BroNate always defended and spoke positively of Putin was because BroNate is supposedly a Russian Orthodox member of R.O. religion outside of Russia, but when I researched BroNate's standing as a monk or priest or whatever he is in the ROCOR organization in the USA, none of them would answer my emails and nowhere on the web is there proof that he is a member of that ROCOR formal organization. He wears that priest or monk suit and supposedly lives a celebate life and has a regular day job somewhere making good money in the IT related area.


Russian President Vladimir Putin is not America 's friend. He is our enemy. He is aligned with "them" - the true enemies of a peaceful civilization and world. The veil is lifted. See proof below that Putin has kissed the ring. I'm sure he has always been in "their" camp - chosen by them to be Russia 's President - just like Obama was in the U.S.

I have always felt that about 98 percent of BroNate's info is excellent and truthful and helpful, but that little 2 percent "putinist" bit in him makes me very warry of him.

My unsoliticted advice is to listen to all the people who are highlighted on this site but "eat the meat and spit out the bones", that is, accept that part of their information that rings true to you and just discount the suspicious part of their presentations. That is why I never one hundred percent buy in to any one person's theories or theses.

wanda said...

I agree with Ruupertti and Jeannon and can sum it up by stating: All governments are the same religion.

At the end of the day, he's a man wearing a costume... he has an agenda. I have always been suspicious of that get up. No matter how much sense he makes, you look like a loonie tune trying to wake anyone up when you forward him. A defeated purpose right at the get go.

Someboodeh said...

Duke and Denugent are also putinists. Thats why i believe they are also feds. They both like to play political games but as anybody with common sense knows that this is total jewish territory.

Denugent has also ties with military intelligence.

Putin is child of KGB, almost 60% of KGB personel were jewish, including long time chief Andropov and USSR was totally run by that organization. KGB ties helped Putin to power and in reality Russia is still in zionists hands, it is hypercapitalist, multiculturalist hellhole.

In this video clip Putin states that those who say "Russia is for russians" are idiots.


wanda said...

On an up note, here's a comment i pulled from Digger for Truth...

"I am just looking forward to the day when as a Gentile you can say the word Jew without other Gentiles crapping their shorts!"

and how.

Anonymous said...

Nationalists that support Putin are enemies of the real russia nationalists. They are the strongest threat to the power of Putin's regime. If You are a part of Putin-hoax, You make a big mistake.

I don't understand that everyone in the QWest seems to be friend of Putin. There are zionists and antizionists. Communists and ex-communists. Liberals, all kind of people. Everyone is satisfied or goes mad when Putin has said something nice. That is enough for many. Of course almost every site has a paid putinist.