Friday, July 26, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.07.26

Guest: Joseph Adams, the author of Murdering Multiculturalism: A candid conversation on how cultural and racial diversity is destroying America

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Blindlight said...

I get tired of hearing ppl rant about white ppl-attacking jewish supremacism, disguised by goyim multi culturalism act ivism must be attacked by all gentiles-please quit making it about white victimization

Blindlight said...

I'm surprise Deanna kept her mouth shut while this racist spewed his supremacism- this guy was saying you are a traitor to your race if you fall in love with someone of a different color.So absolutely fucking stupid,stupid,stupid!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Great interview, Deanna! Thank you for tackling the race issue.

From a proud white Irish woman.

Christopher Marlowe said...

I can understand the feelings being expressed by the guest, but I think a lot of his energy and thoughts are misguided.
1. I totally agree that multi-culturalism is being used to tear down society. I can see that ethnic societies among blacks, asians, and latinos encouraged, while those by white groups are seen as "racist".
2. But the "problem" of race-mixing is the natural result of the immigration laws, urban planning, and and the destruction of property rights.
3. I agree with Johnny Appleseed that a man should be free to seek out the wife he wants. This would tend to be a low percentage without all the government interference.
4. The guest complained that white people are not producing enough offspring, and then he criticized the Mexicans for having large families. Hypocrite. Then the guest called the Mexicans "lazy". Come on, dude. Say what you will about the Mexicans, but lazy? They always take the hardest freaking jobs: lawn mowing, crop picking, dish washing, work working...
5. And the guest referred to Mexicans as "mexcriment"!??!? That's just too much. That's ugly race hatred. It is fine for the guest to believe that his race is the best and to have pride. Whatever. But mexcriment? I've known so many really good Mexican people who are hard-working and humble and family oriented. Mexcriment?
6. I believe that God loves all of the people in the world. That doesn't mean we have to race mix, or that we shouldn't race mix. IMHO, it would be better for there to be many different nations of many different types of people. That is true multi-culturalism.
7. I don't believe that people can form a nation unless they have a common language, history and set of values. Multiculturalism, i.e. mass immigration, will ruin any nation, and that is the intent.
8. The most important factor is that people must have common values and a system of belief. For example, the 30 years war killed off half the male population of Germany. These were all white people with a common language, history, culture, etc... But when the rift was made between Catholic and Protestant, the country was plunged into endless war.
9. To me, color is not as important as religion. Similarly, I also think that values/character are more important that skin color.