August 19, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.08.19

Dr. David Duke and Adrian Salbuchi have a core program today explaining the true reality of the New World Order, that it is not a conspiracy of the "rich" but a racist supremacist Jewish takeover! Proof of that is in the fact that the same media and government policies that support the ethnic supremacism of Israel and protects massive Jewish tribalism and racism attempts to destroy ethnic preservation efforts of Europeans and other peoples around the world. This broadcast shows the inner workings of the Jewish matrix of power and how their financial, political and media power all work to together for Jewish Supremacism. A positive part of the program shows how their power is very vulnerable to overthrow simply by exposing the racist system itself. When powerful and influential non-Jews begin to stand up, the Jewish-racist power structure will collapse!

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sftx said...

This is a must hear! Excellent Dr. D and Salbuchi. Would that we all had your courage and intelligence!