Sunday, August 4, 2013

This is my interview with Karen Hudes the Whistleblower from the World Bank. This is a wide ranging discussion covering her time at the World Bank and what led her to blow the whistle on the corruption she found there. In the process her view of the worldwide corruption widened to include governments and the overall monetary system.
We discuss the 'backwardization' of gold, the manipulation of the dollar and the need to replace the current fiat system with a gold or asset backed currency and the plans of the cabal to create chaos and institute the NWO.


Anonymous said...

Something clearly not quite on the up and up about Ms. Hudes. She has been on at least twnety different alternative radio shows in the past few months. She said on one show that alternative radio is implicated in some kind of money-under-the table (my term) transaction. I asked her to explain but she provided other info but no explanation.

I have a feeling that this is some kind of theatrical production being played out for ulterior motives.

Anonymous said...

I called-in while she was on Deanna's show and asked her about the "Financial 911" of September 11, 2008, wherein the entire world-economy would have collapsed had the event continued for longer than the 1.5 hours.

My narration:

This was the most important financial event to have occurred in living-memory because of what the loss of LITERALLY MANY TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS BY THE END OF THE DAY, with $550 BILLION evaporating in just 1.5 hours.

"In an admission stunning for its frankness (and particularly given the fact it originated with a politician whose country is held prisoner by foreign, criminal interests) Rep. Paul Kanjorski, (D, Penn) Chairman of the House’s Capitol Markets Subcommittee recently admitted on C-SPAN that the current economic problems faced by–not just the United States, but indeed the entire world–were the result of an “electronic run on the bank” that resulted in the hemorrhaging of $550 billion dollars in just “an hour or 2”.

Speaking the last week of January on the Washington DC-based television program, Rep. Kanjorski was verbally accosted by an irate American caller charging that the economic stimulus package currently up for debate in the Congress (as well as the previous $700 billion bank-bailout) is solely for the benefit of fat cats on Wall Street rather than for Joe Six-pack on Mainstreet. With barely-concealed panic in his voice, the Congressman tried explaining the severity of the current financial problem faced by the US with the following comments–"

When I asked her directly about this, and the fact that it occurred at precisely the same time and day of the israHell false-flag operation of 911, Ms. Hudes claimed that she knew nothing of this and it was her first time hearing anything about it. I told her as much as I could, and then I PERSONALLY SENT HER THE INFORMATION after the show.

Several months pass-by and I find-out the she will be a guest on Mike Harris' show, and I send Mike Harris the information and ask him to ask her about this because this is, AGAIN, the single most important financial-event in living-memory, and GUESS WHAT? He never once mentions it, and neither does she. Also, from all of the other interviews that I have listened with her as the guest, she never once brings this up.

Folks, make of this what you will, but you all really need to listen to Ms. Hudes interview with Deanna when I call-in to know that I told her everything about this, and for her to NEVER ONCE mention it on any other show after knowing about it--I SENT HER THE INFORMATION, TOO--is very troubling.


Anonymous said...

Another clue that may be helpful is to look up the name Hudes (her married surname) on the web and know that she is from, or was raised in, Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

Mike Harris is a shill. He goes one Rense radio and press tv and other alternative radio shows and makes it a point to speak out against Israel and "the Jews", but no one can tell me that a person like this can have served as the chief financial officer of the Republican National Committee. Also there are picture of him on the web attendting neo-NAZI, white supremacist rallies. Yet all the while we are to take him seriously as a top RNC operative, although probably that is over and in the recent past now.

Mike Harris is running some kind of game on us and he is using Rense or Rense is in on the game. Who knows?!

BnC said...

Project Camel Toe does it again! :P