August 26, 2013

The Piper Report 2013.08.26

The sloppy ‘research’ done by so many in the ‘truth movement’ and how it is utilized by our enemies against us.


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Viper said...

Alex Jones: Hitler and the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

I think Bush didd not oppose the Jews nut he had to please different kind of groups that were behind him and the republicans etc. Then he did the attacks with the zionists or he accepted that they did them. After the WTC-attacks he could do many things with the zionists. Obama, Clintons and Bushs are on their side. The Jews have all the power in the USA. Obama ha continued wars and fought many more wars than Bush.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Piper keeps making this same stupid argument:
1. People who are lazy conspiracy theorists believe in stupid theories without checking them.
2. Critics make fun of these couch potatoes, and they make all conspiracy theorists look bad.
3. Some people believed crazy ideas about crisis actors.
4. Therefore the Sandy Hook and Boston bombing conspiracy theorists are wrong.

But there are people on Sept Clues who think that the JFK conspiracy was a hoax, and that no one was killed. People can come up with foolish theories about anything.

Piper knows that kids were killed at Sandy Hook because he has some "well-known names" that saw them. He doesn't have any death certificates.

It's sad that Piper and Mark Glenn have lost any sense of reason when it comes to Sandy Hook and Boston. They made their minds up long ago, and have stopped thinking about the matter.

Anonymous said...

Right. They havelost a lot of their credimility. Glenn has lost all of his.

My every opponent has insisted that he had lost his friends or their friends have lost friends in the planes 11/9/2001. Who serious thinker would trust in hearsay? There is no sense to criticize other theorists and then provide bullshit without any evidence.

Ahnd it is obvious why Putin hates navalny: