August 30, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.08.28

War, Commie Apples and the USG – How the Boys Support Dollar Inc. With No Holds Barred.


-On this 50 Year Anniversary of the historic March on Washington for Civil Rights, Andrew clearly explains the difference between God Given Rights, Civil Rights and being a U.S. Citizen. Warning, this is only for children who are home schooled.
-Look on this page and hear us discuss the remarkable similarities of the Dow two years before the great crash of ’87 and today, two years trailing.
-Fed documents prove QE is increasing as we speak
-Are your retirement funds at risk today?
-Andy discusses how the escalation of military intervention of Syria will affect all asset classes.
-”We are on track for a disorganized Fall” says Andrew Gause
-In 35 States people make more on welfare than minimum wage
-Take Governor Christie, Please.
-India, the World’s third largest economy is having a very hard time
-Why this flight to the dollar as the Fed prints more every day?
-We dig into: Housing; Mutual Funds; Securitization of your loan, Socialism, the USG getting people’s minds right and much, much more.

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