September 26, 2013

AFP Radio Network 9/23/2013

Mark Anderson comes to you on his Beyond Exposure show from Mackinac Island, Michigan in the wake of a major Republican annual conference where, this year, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul may have taken the first steps to test the waters for a 2016 presidential run.
Will he follow exactly in his father Ron Paul's footsteps on key monetary and especially foreign policy issues? Will Rand make the leap and actually run for president while still being a relative newcomer in the Senate? What do GOP pols at the conference think of his prospects in a party often dominated from the top down while rolling out cookie-cutter candidates like Jeb Bush and perhaps Chris Christie? How does Rand differ from his father?  Show-page 


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Anonymous said...

Rand Paul is a yarmulke wearing Zionist suck-up who adheres to Zionist Austrian economics and who supports USA destroying phony immigration bill.

We in the alternative media audience really really do not want to hear about Rand Paul, presidential elections, any elections for that matter.

Our country no longer has the rule of law, the Consitution, honest elections and is totally owned and operated by those who are foisting one false flag event on US soil after another on us and none of these politicos ever stand up and speak out about 9-11 or any other obvious false flag event.