September 01, 2013

Hungary paid back its $25 billion debt to the Kikesters and then told them to get the fuck outta their country!

Hungary paid back its $25 billion debt to the United Nations IMF and then asked the IMF to leave their country. [Hungary wants an independent economic policy without EU loans or controls. The nation still has its own currency (the Forint) and is considering leaving the EU altogether.] RT posted 2013 Aug 27

Hungry don't add fluoride to their water, and they don't take shit from the Ashke-nazi parasites.


RJ said...

I wish the jewsa would do the exact same thing. I wonder if now Hungary is on the table for airstrikes? Good luck Hungary!

DjSadhu said...

After "I'm an Icelander" (=kick out the banks) there's now "I'm an Hungarian" (=kick out the IMF) yeah