September 12, 2013

If Syria Disarms Chemical Weapons We Lose The War.


Anonymous said...

Important message here from Syrian girl. Her message rings more true to me in my gut, or my heart or whatever than all the SEVERAL other messages and takes on what Kerry did and said that I have heard from alternative media commentators in the last 6 hours.

Iraq and Libya aquiesced and gave up their WMDs, their chemical weapons, and they were attacked by the USA (NATO) after doing so.

Every nation has to take care of itself, as she says, and the only way Syria can really take care of itself is to hold on to their strongest weapons.

So she is portraying Kerry's "offer" as a trick to get Syria to disarm.

One radio host said Kerry slipped up and spoke off the cuff and made the biggest blunder of his diplomatic career and that Putin and Assad capitalized and picked up on that error of "an offer" that would, if met, stop a strike by the USA on Syria. So, the commentator said, it was the rapidity with which stories and decisions travel over the Internet that made Obama and Kerry stuck with what they had inadvertently "offered." That story does not ring true to me.

I have heard radio hosts say we should all "pat ourselves on the back" for calling our congress members and otherwise raising a ruckus to make them stop a strike.

Many of us have been praying and fasting fervently to make those evil insane people who are pushing for another unjust war cease and desist. I believe God has answered our prayers for a temproray time. The USA, "we", are not attack Syria right now as it looked like we might do any minute. The only one to thank for this reprieve is God almighty.

We must continue in our prayers because the evil running rampant in our nation and in the world is reaching apocolyptic proportions and we will have ever increasing "wars and rumors of wars."

If the people who want a war and who are pushing for war and who are using their great monetary resources and polital power to push for war are not going to be made to look bad or put off easily.

God help us all.

Unknown said...

Well... as with everything else being said online all over the world by all kinds of people... that is all just speculation. How many people have any idea whatsoever what's REALLY going on?

There is another school of thought that says Syria & Iran actually have much more advanced weaponry than anyone's letting on and this is a very important consideration to keep in mind. By all accounts Russia indeed has been leading the world in missile technology and now has several weapons that are pretty much impossible to defend against. Although I'm sure Jeannon wouldn't be a fan of this show (LOL!) I urge people to have a listen to the first part of this broadcast for a take you may not have considered. It's very interesting to say the least -

And one thing is for certain - GAWD has nothing to do with any of this.

Anonymous said...

You're right. I probably won't listen to this show much, but not because the show host probably regularly points to the Jews. I listen to many shows regularly that do that. The show had extremely poor audio quality and the guest called in on a cell phone which is always stupid. I would like to know what the host had to say about Texas but slow moving nature of show is the only reason I do not like it. The info was good and something definitely to think about. Good to know that those Russian missiles may be going to help Syria and that this technology will change the balance of power in the Middle East.

It is not ALL the Jews, by any means, Itzda. I realize you do not believe in God or probably practice any religion and I do not want to even talk about that, but I will not hide my Christianity.

I got the idea y'all wanted a little discussion so I thought we should toss around some of the Syria stories that are being tossed at us and there are some realy wild ones out now. I agree it is all speculation and we do not know what to believe that is why most of my action these days is prayer and not street marches or some new political party.

Unknown said...

the chemical weapons are not a strong defense but a big liability. The US will launch missiles into them and spread the poison gas all over. The battle of World opinion is on Syria's side and what the US and foreign insurgents are doing is becoming common knowledge.
There would be no winners if NATO does attack Syria and even though the Syrians will be able to fight back unlike Libya they would get nuked and it would be all over not only for Syria but the christards would get their long planned out End of the World.
At least Russia is on your side and Putin shows signs of sanity. Their is big chance that becauseof exposure the United States and Israel will get so much backlash from the rest of the World as well as people in the US who have woken up will be able to stop this war.
Russia is your biggest ally and Assad can work with the Russians to clear out the foreign insurgents.
Anyway I hope so and the more people projecting something good will he make it come about.

Anonymous said...

Well, what this has made crystal clear to more Americans is that the administration and the senate and some part of the congress is perfectly willing to aggress against a country for unjust reasons and continue to murder innocent people without the consent of the people, almost all of the people.

I am ashamed of my country.

NY Times: Listing Demands, Assad Uses Crisis to His Advantage
In exchange for giving up control of his chemical arsenal, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria said he would require the United States to stop arming the opposition, using President Obama’s own “red line” against him.


The subtle undertone of this piece implies that an "emboldened" Assad is now being unreasonable by daring to issue his own set of "demands". If Zionist America expects Syria to get rid of its chemical weapons, why is it unreasonable for President Assad to demand that the U.S. cease arming the terrorist "rebels"?

Having read additional excerpts from the Assad interview from another source, The Anti New York Times would like to emphasize that the NY Times deliberately omitted any mention of another one of Assad's "demands". The Syrian leader also stated that Israel too must give up its chemical and biological weapons. The Times omits this fact so as to protect Israel from any scrutiny, and also from appearing to be the unreasonable one.

Given the arrogant and violent nature of both the U.S. and Israel, Assad's justifiable "demands" will not likely be accepted. And so, it appears that the war has not been averted, just delayed.

Shabigus said...

I agree that the attack by the USA on Syria for Israel has just been delayed. The benefit of the delay, I think, is that Barry will not be seen as anything but the aggressor and a Zionist puppet. The media machine will try and make an attack look altruistic but it will fail.