September 18, 2013

Logical and Critical Thinking of Gun Control due to Navy Yard Shooting. D.C. and Navy Yard are Gun Free Areas which Proves Gun Control Does NOT Work!

The erosion of our rights and freedoms is not something that is occurring overnight with Obama, it is something that has been worked on for a long time.  Obama seems to be going full force and very fast with the rest of our rights though.   People need to understand this is not just a Democratic problem, under Bush we had the "Patriot Act' due to the lies of 9/11.   Which erased our constitution almost completely away with the blessings of our Congress and the people due to 'fear'.
Fear is how they warp our critical thinking, fear is how they control our actions or non actions.
If we allow Fear to rule us then we will be cattle to the slaughter.
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